Conua™ Plants and natural products - Think of youHawthorn is known and recognized for its medicinal qualities as a cardiac tonic and antispasmodic. Hawthorn helps regulate blood pressure, while strengthening the blood circulation while treating congestive heart failure. Hawthorn alleviates anxiety ...
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Top » Benefits of medicinal plants » Hawthorne hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias

Hawthorne hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias

Serenity Serenity
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Unrest Congestive heart failure, anxiety, insomnia


Beneficial Hypotensive, sedative, antispasmodic


Hawthorne description

The hawthorn is located between the shaft and the bush, it is common in hedges and edges, and its lifetime can be counted on for centuries. The hawthorn can still reach a height of 4 meters. Its branches whose bark light gray and wears small hard spines. Its foliage has serrated leaves that are divided three to five lobes with a bright green on top and lighter underneath. In the spring they are adorned with pretty pink flowers white or cream, with stamens in the middle of five petals. Then the fruits appear from August to October, they are very fleshy and red haws contain many seeds.

Hawthorne culture

The hawthorn has its origins in Europe and Asia, then it has spread throughout Europe and North America. The hawthorn to a slower growth, because the plantation is by seed and grows only in the following year. The hawthorn is not difficult, and agrees to grow on all soils making it common everywhere. The hawthorn is a plant of the toughest, it is useful to form a hedge or as a rootstock for pear trees. Picking flowers in before they flower.

Hawthorne composition

The hawthorn contains countless active ingredients, it is impossible to determine exactly which of its principles have to be cardio-stimulant, it is more likely to define the synergy of the complex allows the therapeutic virtue.

Found in leaves, flowers and fruit of many flavonoids, as hyperoside, and rutin and the spiréoside, but also triterpene acids, acid-phenols and proanthocyanidins, and cyanogenic glycosides to finish.

Specifically in the flowers, add a derivative of vitexin, and aromatic amines, as well as trimethylamines. The hawthorn also contains essential oils and sterols.

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The hawthorn medicinal properties

The hawthorn takes its pedigree with the Commission E, the World Health Organisation and ESCOP on its therapeutic tonic for the heart and antispasmodic. The hawthorn exerts its action on the regulation of heart rate while soothing nervous excitement.

The hawthorn stabilizes blood of the arteries, which is high when its opposite. The hawthorn has proved effective in the specific treatment of congestive heart failure class 1 and 2, since it strengthens the cardiac system blood circulation also. The hawthorn for action to expand the coronary arteries to restore blood flow.

The hawthorn also has capabilities in the treatment of central nervous functions, reducing anxiety restoring phases of sleep. But it is clear that the hawthorn action very slow start, but it persists despite discontinuing the taking of the plant.

Hawthorne other uses

It uses virtually the entire plant hawthorn to make infusions, tincture, capsules, but also in the presentation of tablets, drops solids. In the land of the rising sun, China, the fruit of the hawthorn, are preserved in sugar used to prepare drinks or snacks like fruit pastes. It is said in ancient traditions that hawthorn was significant for happiness and prosperity.

Hawthorne treats

Congestive heart failure, anxiety, insomnia, hypotensive, sedative, antispasmodic.

This article was published on Monday 04 June, 2012 11:35:26.
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