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Top » Immune defenses » Propolis spray propolis properties

Propolis spray propolis properties

Propolis oral spray
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Unrest Colds, respiratory inflammation, cough, loss of voice, sore throat, gingivitis, dental infections, wounds, fungal infections of the skin

Diseases Tonsillitis mundane, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, ear infections, sinusitis, stomatitis

Beneficial Antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-infectious, stimulating the body's defenses, strengthen the natural defenses, resist aggression in general, resist microbial attacks, respiratory tract (throat and nose)


Propolis description

Where does propolis, it happens to us directly from our friends the bees, because they recover from the resin of many plants, conifers with the bark of fir, pine, and the buds of many species of trees such as alder, willow, birch and plum trees, ash and oaks, elms, poplars and chestnut trees of India. This resin having a more or less viscous they use to coat the inside of the hive or to reduce the input to protect the colony. Of course because of the diversity of its many components harvested propolis comes in different varieties.

Propolis culture

The worker bee propolis back which may have a yellow or green or brown (depending on the crop) in the same as pollen baskets located on their hind legs to the hive, where they give the Mason bees who go transform or modify with wax and their secretions (saliva) to make it more malleable to use it.

It is from this moment that the beekeeper can get this mix, but it must be cleaned and separated from the wax and why it will be heated in water at 70 degrees, which will effectively bring to the surface of the wax and leave the bottom in crude propolis, then after extracting it remains only to macerate in ethyl alcohol for several months and we get a first qualities of propolis.

Propolis comes in many package, such as tablets, toothpaste, liquid or dry extracts, chewing gums, ointment or lotion, tincture or syrup.

Propolis composition

It is necessary to specify the composition of propolis is quite variable, since it depends on the outdoor climate and different sources of plant it was to detect nearly three hundred different varieties of propolis, but having made the same that can go to 150 therapeutically active ingredients to the body.

Propolis contains flavonoids in large quantities with pinocembrin, chrysin and galangin of, and the pinobanksin pectolinarigénine, they are natural antiseptics and antioxidants, which have the property to be effective antibiotics.

Trace elements in the form of minerals come together in the active ingredients of propolis, such as cobalt and copper, silver and manganese, as well as molybdenum and iron, magnesium and chromium, and zinc Finally selenium. Propolis comprises phenolic acids, such as caffeic acid, ferulic acid and cinnamic. And to complement its compound, there are also vitamins present in propolis with vitamin A and several B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E such as maca

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Propolis medicinal properties

Recognized for their therapeutic properties of propolis, a natural element make necessary changes in all seasons and all evil winter, for the welfare of the body, including antiseptic and antibacterial, antifungal, and thus qu'antivirales anti-infectious.

For his contributions in various active ingredients, propolis stimulates the body's defenses while strengthening the immune system, which gives it powerful advantages of prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and disorders of order ENT (ear, nose and laryngology). Thus propolis is ideally used in cases of colds and cough, loss of voice (hoarseness), tonsillitis and sore throats, bronchitis and pharyngitis, as laryngitis and tracheitis and good numbers of respiratory inflammation, as well as ear infections and sinusitis.

Is used medically propolis to cure problems of stomatitis and gingivitis and dental infections every kind, applied propolis on all wounds and fungal infections of the skin.

Propolis other uses

Propolis can be used in many other areas, as varnish for wood treatment and it is even said that the famous Stradivarius used it to varnish some of these violins. But found as a component of propolis hygiene product with soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes in cosmetology but also as lipsticks, skin lotions and sunscreens.

Propolis treats

Antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-infectious, stimulating the body's defenses, strengthen the natural defenses, resist aggression in general, resist microbial attacks, respiratory tract (nose and throat), tonsillitis mundane, pharyngitis, laryngitis , tracheitis, colds, respiratory inflammation, cough, loss of voice, sore throat, bronchitis, ear infections, sinusitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, dental infections, sores and fungal infections of the skin.

This article was published on Tuesday 20 November, 2012 06:57:00.
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Propolis oral spray
Propolis oral spray
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