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Top » Beauty » Coenzyme Q10 collagen elastin marine

Coenzyme Q10 collagen elastin marine

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Complex Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), marine collagen and elastin hydrolyzed

120 Vegetable Capsule 461 mg.

Anti-aging restores the youthfulness of your skin from the inside.

Coenzyme Q10 complex and collagen and marine elastin hydrolyzed is an innovative dietary supplement, combining the virtues of Coenzyme Q10 redensifying and marine collagen to the protective action of antioxidant and elastin, which gives flexibility to the skin and associated with vitamin A and vitamin E.

Complex coenzyme Q10 and collagen and marine elastin acts on :

      - Strengthening the connective tissue and collagen.
      - Beautification of the skin
      - Protective effect against the harsh conditions of cold on the skin
      - Anti-wrinkle action
      - By its action packed collagen and elastin, fine lines and wrinkles
      - Skin hydration
      - Erases the marks of time
      - Restores suppleness and elasticity of the skin
      - Refortifie hair and nails
      - Halting Hair Loss
      - Strengthens the immune system due to its high antioxidant content
      - Promotes detoxification of heavy metals

Taking age, your skin changes, it becomes dull and loses its elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines appear and pasta with goose, it is less firm, it lacks luster and flexibility. There is a solution, now we are targeting the beauty outside (cream, anti-aging, etc..), Research in this area confirms that it is important to target the inner well-being that will bring immediate and visible results for a face burst and radiating a beauty of our skin and especially to delay the effects of aging.

It is important to preserve the marks of time by acting directly on the inside and providing essential nutrients to beautify our skin and our health.

Collagen and marine elastin hydrolyzed :

Common names : Collagen and marine elastin hydrolyzed.
  • The combination of marine collagen (similar to collagen in our skin) and marine elastin hydrolyzed (fibrous protein secreted during growth, the elastic properties obtained by dissociation of Contents).

  • The main constituent of collagen fibers in our skin make up 70% of the total protein of dermal our capital, its degradation is responsible for the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin.

  • Elastin is the main constituent of the skin which helps keep the elasticity and prevents sagging. It stimulates the biosynthesis and gives flexibility to the skin while complementing the collagen fibers in the elastic resistance.

  • The collagène et élastine (collagen and elastin) are major components of connective tissue, which reshape the skin rehydrates the skin and fills wrinkles and fine lines.

  • By its action it allows collaboration between cells while providing elasticity and tissue regeneration.

  • Scientists are doing research on people aged 40 years showed an increase in skin hydration, improved elasticity, filling in wrinkles and fine lines and supple skin, a youth and sparkle without using cream or other skin protection only by a contribution ingested.
    Which shows its true effectiveness, without any side effects.

  • Collagen and elastin are an essential component of our potential and by their joint action it contributes to the regeneration of our cartilage, better resistance to nail and hair fortifying our capital.

Coenzyme Q10 :

Common names : CoQ10, coenzyme, coenzyme, ubiquinone, ubiquinol 10, ubidecarenone, mitoquinone.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the production of energy and cell renewal while fighting the aging of our bodies, it is present in our bodies, but taking the age diminishes it.

  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant molecule and bioenergetics plays a vital role in every physiological process in our body by its energetic action, whether for our heart, our immune system, liver, kidney, stomach etc..

  • Coenzyme Q10 is also necessary for the proper functioning of skin cells, which helps eliminate free radicals.

Vitamin A :

Common names : vitamin A, preformed retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, retinyl acetate, retinyl palmitate, provitamin A, beta-carotene ß-carotene. Latin Name : Retinol.
  • Vitamin A is essential for proper cell stimulation and rehydration of skin (epidermis).

  • Vitamin A is also useful for prophylaxis (which preserves the health of everything that may be harmful) for the needs during pregnancy, lactation or during premenstrual syndrome, growth retardation, reduced resistance to infections , acne, hair dry, dull and brittle, as in bone growth, reproduction and immune system regulation.

Vitamin E :

Common names : vitamin E. Other names :Natural forms : d-alpha tocopherol, d-beta tocopherol, d-gamma-tocopherol, d-delta-tocopherol, RRR-alpha-tocopherol, tocopherols combined, mixed tocopherols, tocotrienol acetate, succinate or d-alpha-tocopheryl. Synthetic forms : dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate or succinate, dl-alpha-tocopherol, all-rac-alpha-tocopherol.
  • The antioxidant vitamin E (neutralizing free radicals) so it reduces the aging of the skin and stabilizes the cell structure.

  • Vitamin E reduces the harmful actions of pollution on our bodies, while boosting the immune system.

  • Presentation :

    120 Vegetable Capsule 461 mg.

    Nutritional information

    Composition for 4 capsules :

    - Marine Collagen Hydrolyzate 1330 mg
    - Coenzyme Q10 40 mg
    - Vitamin A 612 μg 76% RDA*
    - Vitamin E 9 mg 75% RDA*
    - Coating agent : Vegetable Capsule
    *Daily Recommended

    Ingredients :
    Coenzyme Q10, Marine Collagen Hydrolyzate (Fish), Vitamin E (D-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate), Vitamin A (Retinyl Acetate), Vegetable Capsule: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Anti-caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate.

    Using advice : 3 to 4 capsules per day taken with meals with a glass of water.
    For optimum use of complement during the 1-3 months. It can be repeated several times a year

    Used to : strengthen connective tissue, beautify and brighten the skin, fill wrinkles and fine lines, strengthen and slow hair loss, strengthen nails, strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body from heavy metals, provide the energy our body, anti Ages, wrinkle, eye moisturizer, anti-aging skin, prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase the moisture level of dry skin.

Made in France

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