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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen



Conditions of Use

The present conditions of use govern the contractual relations between Conua.com and the Purchaser (the Customer). The simple fact for the Purchaser (the Customer) of clicking on the icon allowing him to be informed of these conditions of use and to order a product pursuant to the present conditions of use, will be worth irrevocable and final assent on behalf of the Purchaser (the Customer) on all the provisions appearing in the conditions of use.
These conditions of use will prevail on all other conditions appearing in any other document, except exemption preliminary, express and written. They are applicable in the World.
The Purchaser (the Customer) admits having taken knowledge, at the time of the placing of order, the particular conditions of sale specific to each product proposes. It expressly declares to accept them without reserve.

Conditions to make a order

You declare to be old of at least 18 years and to have the legal capacity or to be a holder of a parental consent allowing you to make a order on the Site.

Any order carried out on the Site must correspond to the normal needs for a household.

1. Particular conditions of sale:
- The fact of placing an order implies whole adhesion and without reserve of the Purchaser (the Customer) in these conditions of use, other than all other documents. The present conditions of use override the conditions being able to be reproduced on the correspondence or the documents of the Purchaser (the Customer). All additions, erasures, modifications or suppression are null related to the present conditions of use which would not be taken on approval of Conua.com.No particular condition can, except formal and written acceptance of Conua.com, to prevail on the conditions of use. The Purchaser (the Customer) admits having taken knowledge, at the moment of the placing of order, the conditions of use stated on screen (denomination, price, component, weight, quantity, color, characteristics of the products, cost of the service of delivery).
- The placing of the order and its confirmation by the Purchaser (the Customer), materializes his acceptance full and whole of the particular conditions of sale. 

2. Fact sheets and use of Products:
- The photographs illustrating the products, do not enter the contractual field. If errors got there, to in no case, the responsibility for Conua.com could not be committed.
- The texts accompanying these photographs are the reproduction of information being reproduced on packing and/or the instructions communicated by the producer or distributors of the product. The Purchaser (the Customer) commits himself using the products personally and will have to conform to all the laws, regulations and/or directives applicable to the use of the products in his Country, the Purchaser (the Customer) attests that the use of the products concerns its whole responsibility without Conua.com being able to be to imply in an unspecified way in the event of complaint, damages which can ensue from the use of products by the Purchaser ( The Customer), to in no case, they cannot engage the responsibility for Conua.com.

3. Order :
- The Purchaser (the Customer) places order while clicking on the selected products then to follow the instructions (Panier solutions and protected Payment).
The order is the subject of a summary by taking again all the elements that the Purchaser (the Customer) confirms while clicking on the button "Confirm Order".
The Purchaser (the Customer) with the possibility of confirming or of cancelling the transaction in any time during the formation of the contract.

4. Confirmation of order :
- Any order will be taken into account only after acceptance of the payment.

- With the confirmation of the payment of the order, Conua.com confirms the acceptance of its order to the Purchaser (the Customer) by an automated E-mail.

- Conua.com reserves the possibility of not confirming an order for some reason that it is, holding in particular with the provisioning of the products, a problem relating to the received order, an abnormal order or a foreseeable problem relating to the delivery to be carried out. Despite everything our efforts, it may be that a restricted number among the articles being reproduced on our site comprises an error of price. (In the event of error of seizure on our basis of data which would post an abnormally low price or to exaggerate it will be impossible for us to deliver this product to you to the tariff which was posted at the time of your order).

Be however assured that we carry out the checking of the prices before sends your order. If the corrected price is lower than the price posted on the Site, we will apply you low the price. If the corrected price is higher than the price posted on the site at the time of your order, we will inform you and carry out the erroneous cancellation of the article unless you do not choose to accept the order at the new price, we propose to you to modify your choice.
- Conua.com will inform of it the Purchaser (the Customer) by any means.
All new order will be able to intervene only after regular payment by the Purchaser (the Customer) of the sums due under its preceding orders.

5. Delivery :

- The delivery of a product ordered on Conua.com, will be carried out by the means of the mail service, in parcel followed under 48 H (working day), after the confirmation of the payment. For the sendings the Abroad, the base of calculation of the forwarding costs is delivered by the mail service and/or conveying.
- The delivery is carried out with the address indicated on the purchase order, filled by the care of the Purchaser (the Customer).
- Are regarded as case of absolute necessity discharging the salesman (Conua.com) from his obligation to deliver, Interdictions of circulation, the war, the riot, the fire, the strikes, the accidents and impossibility of being supplied.
- The goods always travel to the risks of the recipient (the Purchaser (the Customer)). Always check your parcel with the arrival and exerted, if it were necessary, its recourse against the conveyor under 48h, even in the event of forwarding free of port (Except contrary convention, the salesman chooses the conveyor freely). In the case of a loss of parcel at the time of transport, the times of investigation can vary according to conveyors' and take from one to three weeks.
- For reasons of availability (out-of-stock , stop of production etc...) An order can be delivered in several times to the Purchaser (the Customer) who will pay only one time the expenses of delivery.
-If the Purchaser (the Customer) wishes several places of delivery, it will have to place as much from order with the dependent expenses of delivery.

6. Prices :
The price is expressed in Dollars US and/or Euro
- The transactions are always estimated in Dollars US and/or Euro.
- The price indicated on the fact sheet does not include the price of transport.
- The price indicated in the confirmation of order is the price final,  this price includes the price of the product, packing and the transport charges.Any tax, right or another service to pay pursuant to the payments country recipient, or of a country of transit, are the responsibility of the Purchaser (the Customer).

7. The payment :
- The invoiced price has the Purchaser (the Customer) is the price indicated on the confirmation of order sent by our care
- The price of the products is payable the cash the day of the effective order.
- The payment is carried out by check card on-line : By means of the protected payments set up by the bank of Conua.com.
- The order validated by the Buyer ( The Customer) will be considered actual only when the centres of concerned banking payments will have given their agreement.
- Conua.com reserves the right to put an order on standby and to require a document in proof of residence and a copy of the indentity card before the forwarding of the order. This measurement aims at making sure that the output person (the Purchaser (the Customer)) will be well that which placed the order and to avoid any fraudulent use of numbers of bank cards.
- PIn addition, Conua.com reserves the straight to refuse any ordering of a Purchaser (the Customer) with whom would exist a litigation.

8. Confidentiality
The straight of access to information and of respect of the private life are registered in the Charter of the straight and freedoms of the person and are governed in particular by the Code of ethics of Conua.com. The information and personal information collected for purposes of the remote sale are obligatory. This information is essential for the treatment and the routing of the orders, the establishment of the invoices and contracts of guarantee. The defect of information entails the not validation of the order.

The Purchaser (the Customer) has a straight of access, of modification, correction and suppression of the data which relate to it, that it can exert at Conua.com, by email in
Contact us

9. Retractation
The Purchaser (the Customer) has the legal time of retractation as from the reception of the products.
In the event of exchange or refunding, the Purchaser (the Customer) returns to his expenses the new article not open, in his packing of origin intact, accompanied by all the documents received, with the address being reproduced on packing.
Any request is to be addressed to Conua.com.
The return of the goods is carried out, with the risks of the purchaser. Any return of goods requires a number of return.
Conua.com will carry out the refunding of the sums paid by the Purchaser (the Customer), except for the expenses of delivery, within 30 maximum day, with reception of the products.

10. Litigations
This contract, Conua.com cannot be held for person in charge for the damage of any nature, materials, immaterial or physical, which could result from a misuse of the marketed products. The responsibility for Conua.com will be, in any event, limited to the amount of the order and could not be blamed for simple errors or omissions which could have remained despite everything the precautions taken in the presentation of the products. One is reminded that the respect of the provisions of this contract relating to the contractual guarantee supposes :
- that the Purchaser (the Customer) honours his financial commitments towards the salesman
- that the Purchaser (the Customer) uses the product in a normal way
The complaints or contestings will be always received with attentive benevolence, the good faith being always supposed at that which takes the trouble to make a statement on its situation.
In the event of litigation, the Purchaser (the Customer) will address himself by priority to the company to obtain a friendly solution.
If the complaint cannot be solved by the tradesman, this one should propose the recourse to a third party in order to arrive at an agreement. The choice of the third party would be allocated to the Purchaser (the Customer). With defect, all the contestings relative to the present CONDITIONS OF USE will be subjected to the Court of the Registered office of Conua.com.


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