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Food Supplements and Nutraceuticals Conua since 2003

Welcome to CONUA,

Since 2003, CONUA has been a major player in nutraceuticals, herbal medicine and a serious reference in the online sale of food supplements.
CONUA food supplements are pharmaceutical grade based on medicinal plants and highly concentrated extracts.


Manufacturing located in France in compliance with the European and French regulations in force, CONUA guarantees the traceability of the quality of raw materials and the verification of quality certifications of food supplements.



« Be » from the Latin verb « stare » literally « to remain standing ».
It is with this global vision that CONUA has developed its range of food supplements and natural products based on medicinal plants:
For the Well-Being or Stay upright in good health .


CONUA food supplements are not only intended to prevent or relieve physical problems. You will find them classified by health theme: Joint comfort - Urinary comfort - Digestion and Transit - Immunity - Prostate - Sexuality - Sleep - Tone - Vision - Vitality - Vitamins .

CONUA food supplements help to intervene on fluctuations, psychological disturbance and which are also as many means of maintaining good health: Addiction - Anxiety - Depression - Couple harmony and libido - Stress .

Finally, CONUA food supplements also focus their effectiveness on improving physical appearance for better confidence and self-esteem: Anti-Aging - Anti -oxidant - Beauty - Tanning - Slimming - Bodybuilding .