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Acerola - vitamin C (Acerola Malpighia glabra)

Extracts 25%

Common Names : Barbados Cherry, West Indian Cherry, Cereza, Cerisier, Semeruco
Botanical name : Malpighia glabra L. and M. punicifolia L. Family: Malpighiacese.

The acerola is anti-infectious one par excellence, to take on a purely preventive basis in the event of epidemic of influenza (for example) or on a purely curative basis, once the declared disease. It is a immuno-stimulant which reinforces defenses of the organization against the microbes and the viruses by activating the synthesis of antibody.

Remarkable antioxydant, it slows down the destruction of the cellular membranes by opposing the action of the free radicals. The acerola is one restructuring which contributes to the formation of the collagen of the bones, the cartilages, the teeth, the skin, the blood vessels.

It is an extremely useful powerful tonic in the event of great physical tiredness or of nervous exhaustion, asthenia, anorexia, cachexy.
The acerola is a antistress to be taken in the form of cure in the event of overwork, depression or distresses.

The acerola is one remineralisant with the multiple indications: growth, pregnancy, breast feeding, consolidation of fractures, demineralization.
It is highly advised in tabagique weaning for its detoxicant capacity.

Presentation : Box of 120 capsules of 425 mg.

Nutrition information for 6 capsules :

· Acerola extract standardized to 25% (Malpighia glabra Acerola 600 mg) Vitamin C 150 mg
· 250 % of DRC*

*Daily Recommended

Using advice : 2 to 3 capsules a day during meals with a glass of water.