Acerola rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

sept. 8, 2011

Acerola very rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals:
vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin A, acerola antioxidants flavonoids and anthocyanins.
Acerola also has minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium.

Disorders treats asthenia, fatigue, anemia

Diseases Fights depression, anorexia , influenza, scurvy.

Beneficial Smoking cessation, immune preventive

Acerola description;

How to recognize acerola, it is a small tree or shrub about 2 to 6 meters high, the trunk of the acerola is small with spreading branches dotted with opposite and simple evergreen leaves dark green and shiny ending in a point. The acerola with bisexual flowers formed of five dark pink to bright red petals and the acerola fruit which has medicinal properties is known by other names such as country cherry or West Indian cherry or even Barbados cherry is of a persistent and dark red color when ripe with a pleasant and slightly tart taste.

Acerola that culture

This pretty little tree that is acerola is native to southern Mexico, South America and Central America, and over time it has settled down spontaneously in all the tropics and subtropics of the globe. Acerola is now found in Asia and India, Texas, Peru, it is scattered in the Amazon forests of Brazil and Venezuela, acerola also grows in the Canary Islands, Hawaii, the West Indies, and finally, it spread to Australia.

Acerola its composition

Acerola has been the subject of scientific and medical analyzes and studies for over 50 years, for its nutritional value and its powerful Vitamin C content, acerola is indeed one of the fruits with 30 times more vitamin content compared to other citrus fruits such as orange.

Acerola also contains other vitamins, such as vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin A , and in view of scientific studies, acerola is the fruit which also has one of the highest levels of antioxidants with its flavonoids and anthocyanins. Acerola includes minerals of the most important for our body with iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium.

Vitamin C acerola and its medicinal properties.

Acerola has multiple properties, due to its vitamin C content, acerola is a valuable aid for smoking cessation in the elimination of toxic agents. Acerola is essential in strengthening immune defenses, for its tonic, immunostimulant and anti-infectious property, in a preventive or curative manner against infectious diseases such as influenza, or ENT diseases.

The acerola is one of the most recognized anti-fatigue, acerola prevents cell aging and renews skin tissue, while contributing to the production of collagen, an important element of our metabolism. Acerola allows better intestinal absorption of iron, which gives it one of the most important anti-anemic properties.

Acerola also has medicinal virtues against stress, acerola reduces overwork, protects nervous exhaustion, acerola relieves depression, acerola is beneficial for forms of asthenia and anorexia in the form of a cure.

Acerola vitamin C. Other uses.

Acerola is also famous as an ornamental shrub in tropical regions, it was even taken as an example in the bonsai category for its finesse. In addition, acerola is an edible fruit of the most aromatic, it is used in the form of acerola juice or acerola jams and jellies.

Acerola vitamin C heals.

Asthenia, anemia, depression, anorexia, influenza, scurvy, smoking cessation, immune preventive.