Svetol green coffee slimming

nov. 13, 2009

Svetol ®, green coffee slimming, is an extract of decaffeinated green coffee, it induces weight loss while reducing fat mass and increasing lean mass in your body.

The results of Svetol ® (slimming green coffee) demonstrate its capacity by better use of fats and by preventing their accumulation.

It is rich in active constituents.

Svetol ® (slimming green coffee) is obtained from unroasted coffee bean (Robusta), its composition is unique and has been patented, it gives an efficacy which has been clinically proven. It also guarantees the absence of certain molecules, including cafestol and kahweol, which the scientific world agrees to have proven to have harmful effects on health, especially among heavy coffee consumers.

Decaffeinated green coffee extract has a specific ratio of 5-caffeylquinic acid (chlorogenic acid) to other isomers of caffeylquinic acids, for weight loss.

They demonstrated for the first time that Svetol ® (slimming green coffee), an extract of particular green coffee beans, significantly inhibits G-6-Pase and moreover, the active doses in vitro are equivalent to the recommended daily dose of Svetol ®.

Its particular composition has been carefully studied which reflects an identification of the increased presence of chlorogenic acids, natural components concentrated in Svetol ®. These acids are present in a wide variety of foods that we eat daily, and their benefits have been shown in several clinical studies.

In addition, these acids have an antioxidant power that is on average twice as high as tea or a chocolate drink (study by Richelle et al), limiting the oxidation of lipids in the liver.

Svetol ® is an extract obtained through a traditional process which protects the active molecules present in coffee, in particular:

• Chlorogenic acid molecules recognized for their beneficial effects on health and having been recognized by scientists.

• As well as a precise and constant ratio between the different forms of chlorogenic acids, which guarantees the uniqueness of Svetol ®.

Finally, Svetol ® is preserved from harmful constituents that can have side effects:

• caffeine (& lt; 2%),

• cafestol,

• the kahweol

The results of clinical studies are only of real value if they are shared and criticized by the scientific community.

These results prove the bioavailability of chlorogenic acids, present in Svetol ®, in their absorption without degradation in the digestive tract, in order to have an active effect on our body (work, carried out in association with the INRA of Clermont-Ferrand and published).

The other results show that the absorption of Svetol ® significantly decreases the level of sugar circulating in the blood after a meal. It also promotes the significant decrease in BMI (body mass index) by promoting the destocking of reserve lipids.

On April 11, 2007, scientists elucidate the mechanism of action of Svetol ® and for the first time reports the inhibitory activity of green coffee extract (Svetol ®) on glucose-6-phosphatase, justifying its fat burning activity (

The characterization of Svetol ® has identified the variety of 12 different chlorogenic acids and especially 5-caffeylquinic acid in a specific amount. This highlights the uniqueness of Svetol ® compared to other green coffee extracts.

These results bring a real innovation for slimming products (Clinical study published indeed, a supplementation at the rate of 400 mg of Svetol ® per day allows both to significantly reduce the body mass index (BMI body mass index) and to significantly increase the lean mass to fat ratio by 4%.

Svetol ® successfully launched in Europe is an original active plant and ideal for slimming formulations. It can be associated in food supplements and its mechanism of action, unique and identified, allows it to be used in correlation with other slimming ingredients which will produce a complete mechanism of action in order to obtain a synergistic effect.