Griffonia simplicifolia, against depression, fibromyalgia

mai 9, 2012

Griffonia L-5-HTP

Migraine disorders, depression, mood disorder, sleep disorder, ataxia, anxiety, headache (headache), insomnia, anti-stress

Fibromyalgia Diseases

Beneficial appetite suppressant

L-5-HTP description

Griffonia simplicifolia is a small shrub or woody perennial, reaching heights of up to three meters. It is related to the coffee tree and is part of the leguminous plants. Griffonia has oblong and simple leaves whose peculiarity is to have flowers of a beautiful green. The griffonia fruit is presented in a fairly large pod, black in color, and which contains many seeds such as round, slightly flattened peas.

Simplicifolia culture

It originated in West Africa and Central Africa and more precisely in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, as well as Togo, Nigeria and Gabon, but also in Kenya and Benin. He has a predilection for places like savannah, meadows and along the coasts, but also in the thickets often near termites, in forests and in abandoned places.

Griffonia its composition

It is essentially composed of L-5-htp which is precisely the hydroxytriptophan found in these seeds. But it also has proteins, it is rich in antioxidants, as well as various vitamins and minerals, amino acids, a volatile oil and finally coumarins.

Griffonia and its medicinal virtues

Griffonia simplicifolia is a plant called mood, and more specifically mood regulator by its high concentration of L-5-htp which has the action of increasing the level of serotonin in the body . By this action on serotonin allows the regulation on our appetite (reducing hunger), as well as on sleep (helps falling asleep), and muscle relaxation.

The largest pharmaceutical laboratories in the world have verified that the synthesis of this molecule L-5-htp contained in griffonia could not be reproduced chemically, because this process was too expensive, and therefore directly uses the plant.

It aims to reduce and treat recurrences and pain associated with migraines and headaches, in fact several clinical studies have shown that taking griffonia in the face of methysergide treatment (medicine for migraine) was everything as effective, but without the negative effects of the chemical process.

It is also recognized for medical utility as a natural antidepressant as a replacement for Prozac and Paxil, thanks to the increase in serotonin in the brain triggered by L-5-htp. Griffonia will support you and improve morale in difficult or stressful positions and conditions.

In addition, by its positive effect on muscle relaxation, is suitable for treating and relieving the symptoms of fibromyalgia or commonly known as spasmophilia.

Since the 80's, all medical scientists have analyzed and certified that Griffonia is ideal and much more natural and without negative effects in chronic migraine disorders, depression, sleep disorders and anxiety.

Simplicifolia other uses

It is used for different uses, it is said that in Africa, the population chews the stems and roots, thanks to the wood that the griffonia provides they make canes and the griffonia leaves are used in their diet in salads, but also for animals like goats and sheep.

Griffonia helps.

Migraine, depression, mood disorder, sleep disorder, ataxia, fibromyalgia, appetite suppressant, anxiety, headache (headache), insomnia, anti-stress

Griffonia simplicifolia against indication

Do not use in the case of thickening and hardening of the skin (scleroderma) Also not recommended for people with Down's syndrome. Adverse effects may cause drowsiness (5-HTP).