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avril 26, 2012
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Disorders Insomnia, anxiety states, nervous states, depression, lymphatism, anemia, migraines, anaphrodisiacs, sexual disorders, spermatorrhoea, premature ejaculation, genital erethism, painful priapism of gonorrhea


Beneficial Sedatives, hypnotics, diuretic, tonic, stimulates digestion, calms stomach pains, effective antiparasitic against worms, painful periods


Hops description

Hops are climbing, herbaceous and perennial liana with imposing and fleshy roots that can be found on the ground. It can climb to impressive heights and reach the tops of the tallest trees around it. Hop leaves are quite large (similar to vine leaves), opposite and comprising three to five lobes, rough to the touch and dark green, serrated in color. The flowers of this plant are separate (dioecious) and greenish, at the time of flowering the female flowers are covered with a resin called alupulin. While the fruits of hops are achenes (dry fruit) and contain seeds.

Hops culture

Hops are preferred for temperate climates and that is why they are found in Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia) and temperate Asia (China, South Korea) as well as in North Africa (Ethiopia) and the United States. In the wild it is present in hedges, the edges of woods, especially cool and humid, and at the water's edge. To cultivate it, we use support poles four to five meters high and we harvest the female flowers in order to compress them very slightly and then they are dried between thirty eight and forty degrees.

Hops its composition

Hops contain bitter principles with lupulone and humulone, a resin rich in sesquiterpenes, estrogenic compounds such as myrcene and humulene, myrcenol and linalool.

This plant Also contains valerianic acid, flavonoids and tannins.

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Hops and its medicinal virtues

The properties of hops as sedatives and hypnotics are approved by the German Commission E and ESCOP (the two largest agencies in this field) for its use in disorders of insomnia, anxiety states and nervous states. Hop flowers with a mild antidepressant impact are recommended in depressive states and lymphatism (apathy, torpor) by regulating mood.

Hops have toning and stimulating virtues in digestion, in fact , it successfully treats cases of anemia and rickets, but also lack of appetite and difficulties in assimilating food, while reducing stomach pain. In addition, these benefits make hops an ideal antiparasitic.

The effects of hops calm menstrual pain and migraines commonly associated in these periods. The anaphrodisiac capacities (reduction of desire) of hops, the fact recommended by certain doctors in the treatment of certain sexual disorders linked to nervous states including spermatorrhea (involuntary ejaculation), premature ejaculations, genital erethism (abnormal arousal) and the painful priapism of gonorrhea (painful and persistent erection).

Hops for other uses

Hops have been very famous for their participation since the 12th century in this beverage called beer, but did you know that it was also used by giving this particular aroma, for its conservation. The young shoots of this plant are used in cooking, they are cooked in the same way as asparagus.

Hops help

Sedatives, hypnotics, diuretics, insomnia, anxiety states, nervous states, tonic, depression, stimulant of digestion, lymphatism, anemia, calms stomach pains, effective antiparasitic against worms, painful periods, migraines, anaphrodisiacs , sexual disorders, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, genital erethism, painful priapism of gonorrhea.