Rhodiola rosea, rhodiola medicinal plant for stress

avril 20, 2012
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Rhodiola helps with disorders Depressive states, colds, flu, asthenia, neurasthenia, amenorrhea and sexual dysfunctions, cholesterol


Beneficial Memory, immune system, aphrodisiac, antioxidant, powerful oxygenator, cellular aging, cancers, fortifying, tonic, energizing, nervous system, libido, fatigue, heart protection, physical exertion, stress, fertility

La Rhodiol description

Rhodiola rosea rosavine is a perennial and fatty plant that can measure up to thirty centimeters, its rhizome is thick, and hairless with tuberous stump, and having a delicate scent of violet. The stem of the rhodiola is very stiff and straight and presenting many leaves scattered and very close to each other of flat and oval shape, slightly toothed in the upper part. The flowers of rhodiola rosea rosavine are green or red in hue and include four small, lanceolate sepals as well as four petals that protrude from the calyx and eight stamens.

Rhodiola culture

It is a plant that grows only in the cold areas of the planet, this includes Eurasia, the Arctic, Russia, the Carpathians and Scandinavia, Iceland, England and Ireland, the Western Siberia and North America, in Quebec. In France, it is found in the Alps and the Pyrenees, as well as in the Vosges, because the rhodiola appreciates the heights and it can be found up to more than two thousand meters in the mountains. Rhodiola rosea rosavine has a preference for dry sandy soils, rocks and rockeries on slopes and cliffs. To obtain all of its therapeutic benefits from the rhizome of the rhodiola, you must wait until it is 4 years old.

Its composition

Rhodiola rosea rosavine has many phytochemicals, including the category of rosavins which includes rosin, rosarin and rosin. Rhodiola also includes derivatives of phenylethanol with salidroside and tyrosol, as well as monoterpenes including rosiridol and rosaridin.

Rhodiola contains flavonoids with quercetin, gallic acid and chlorogenic acid, there is also kaempferol and rhodioline, rodionone and rodiosine, acetylrodalgine and tricine , but that's not all rhodiola also contains triterpenes daucosterol and beta-sitosterol.

Buy rhodiola rosea rosavine 60 capsules

Rhodiola and its medicinal properties

Rhodiola rosea rosavine is a plant classified as an adaptogenic plant, it has the distinction of being one of the most powerful in this area. Rhodiola is superior to ginseng and maca, and the like. It focuses on the three determining activities of human biology, nervous, hormonal and immune functioning, by working and harmonizing these three functions.

Rhodiola rosea rosavine is awaiting the agreement of the Norwegian Medical Agency for commercial distribution (extract from BE Norway number 49 of 9-03-2004 written by the French Embassy in Norway. Electronic Bulletins (BE) are an ADIT service).

Rhodiola is a beneficial regulator and harmonizer to remedy states of fatigue, and those caused in cases of stress (memory defect, loss and disturbance of sleep), depression disorders, weakening of the immune system. It provides an increase in physical resistance due to effort ( high level athletes ) while reducing the recovery time after intensive training.

Rhodiola improves cognitive performance, which aims to increase memory ability, such as mental arithmetic, better concentration, increased vision and hearing, despite the stressful effect of the person (recognized as such by many clinical trials on patients in full period of examinations).

Rhodiola rosea rosavine was approved in several scientific and medical research, on its performance in problems related to infertility and sexual disorders and dysfunctions, it restores cases of amenorrhea and improves fertilization, makes erectile vigor while decreasing premature ejaculation and increasing performance in intimate relationships.

It should be noted that rhodiola is also used to treat and cure colds and flu, it allows better control of blood pressure, regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and reduces factors of asthenia and neurasthenia.

Rhodiola other uses

In some countries such as Canada and Alaska, rhodiola is eaten regularly in their diet as a green vegetable (stems and leaves). It was introduced into ancient traditions, as an offering to newlyweds to have healthy children.

She helps heal

Overcome depressive states, stimulate memory and the immune system, regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels, control blood pressure, aphrodisiac = natural viagra, powerful antioxidant and oxygenator, prevention of cell aging, certain cancers, fortifying, tonic, energizing, stimulating the nervous system, libido, increases performance by eliminating fatigue, cardiac protection, physical effort, improve cognitive functions under stress, promote fertility, treat colds, flu, asthenia, neurasthenia, amenorrhea and sexual dysfunctions.