Rhodiola stress fatigue

juil. 4, 2010

Rhodiola rosea rosavine

Rhodiola is a most comfortable anti-stress, taken preventively, its action will be most beneficial and it will bring you the energy you need.

Stress is inviting itself more and more into professional and personal life, 66% of French people say they are increasingly stressed at work. This observation is clear, it is high time that things got better for everyone, we cannot decently continue like this. Every day we learn that our friends, our colleagues, our entourage, in the world of people crack down, go into illness, or get depressed (fatigue, irritability, lack of sleep), or much worse still tries to give themselves the dead.

Rhodiola is a plant native to northern Europe, (it has long been overlooked due to studies classified top-secret by the former USSR) is widely used by Russian and Scandinavian scientists for their athletes athletes and their cosmonauts in order to manage their stress level and their energy needs with the most efficient results.

Rhodiola is a fatty plant, more powerful than ginseng or maca, which is in the adaptogenic category, thanks to its components (active substance Salidroside and Rosavine), and which carries its action while harmonizing the activities of the three physiological systems of the body, the nervous system, the hormonal system and the immune system.

Rhodiola will help you stabilize your stress while giving you the energy you need for your well-being. It will restore restful sleep, calm your irritability, erase your fatigue, increase your libido, give you vigor in your everyday life.

Let's face it, this is also affecting us we are not immune, and things will increase, we must react.
Some will advise you on yoga, others on various techniques of self-control, but for that one must have time to devote to it, other also chemical therapeutic aids with harmful side effects. But is this really the solution can not your get there in a more natural way 100% vegetable without contraindication or harmful side effects, yes this is possible thanks to the new generation RHODIOLA in the research of medicinal plants for the benefits of our organism, ideal in cases of stress and a strong energy need.

Rhodiola properties superior and exceeding those of ginseng.

Rhodiola amplifies, increases endurance with muscular effort (it has been used with success by Russian athletes).

cardio-protective regulating effect on the work of the heart (beating and pumping).

Rhodiola acts on all forms and aspects:

Hypoxia (the recommended lack of oxygen for the bloodstream), attention, memory, heart function, athletic effort and adaptation to altitude.
Rhodiola increases serotonin (indication for winter seasonal depression due to lack of sunlight). It stimulates immunity activates the production of specialized killer cells called Natural Killers or "NK". Hepato-protective rhodiola: protects the liver from chemical, food or drug toxins. Anti-mutagenic virtues protect DNA repair devices. Rhodiola anti-free radical capacities; prevents tissue aging.

For more information: Rhodiola rosea rosavine (rhodiole)

Exam stress, anxiety.

> The end of year exams are here!

The door opens on this important moment in my life, and which will determine the rest of my studies.

How much time do I have left?

Sufficiently said to themselves have ... Oh! I have time, it's in 2 months, but when you look at the year that has just passed, it was very fast, way too fast ... NO?

And as too often, we are already on D-Day, the day when everything must be OK, TOP, calm and serene, but we don't feel close…

What can you do to be prepared for this important moment?

Well, it's simple, but not easy to do, it takes discipline, we start long enough before reaching the big day, like a sportsman, who has been training and preparing for months for At this time, he reviews and revises all the important points and even more the points on which he is weak.

Our memory begins to be more and more solicited, a gymnastics of the mind begins, for some everything will go well for others not so well, to see badly and to become confused, to feel really bad, to see very badly and that's panic. This gymnastics of the mind will require much more energy, and as for an athlete, it is necessary to fill the vitamin deficiency and to provide vitamins of the group B like vitamin B12 which will improve and stimulate the concentration, the memory restore Energy. And also Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) which promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system, stimulating brain functions and memory. Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer will bring you all this rich in vitamin B group (B1, B2, B12).

The stress also increases you become irritable, the nights are restless, and you are on edge, It may even "cut your legs" and you get into an endless loop ...

All this is normal, you have to relax!

It is during sleep that nerve cells regenerate. It is important to get enough sleep, and to adapt to this exam preparation period to be ready on D-Day.

Being stressed (anguish, worry, fright…) one cannot revise and prepare in good conditions. Hawthorn, hops, passionflower, orange blossom, and valerian, will help you find calm and serenity and thus soothe you.

Hawthorn treats stress problems without causing drowsiness. Hops improve anxiety states and regulate mood. Passionflower improves and fights anxiety, passionflower has a tranquilizing effect. Orange blossom is known to be sedative. It is traditionally used to reduce nervousness, especially in cases of sleep disorders.

And valerian is an excellent sedative for states of nervousness and excitement. Effective tranquilizer, valerian reduces nervousness and agitation related to stress.

Get ready, don't wait until the last moment to start.