Chitosan, the food supplement chitosan

avril 12, 2012

Cholesterol disorders, hypertension

Beneficial Fat burner, overweight, obesity

Chitosan description
Chitosan is a compound polysaccharide or more simply a natural fiber which is taken enzymatically from chitin. Chitin is a polymer that comes either from the exoskeleton of crustaceans which includes either shrimp or crabs, but also squid and even with the walls of mushrooms. Chitosan is similar to cellulose in these specificities.
Chitosan the culture
There are more than sixty global producers of chitosan and which extracts it for 95% on the shell of different crustaceans . These producers are mainly found in factories in Asia, such as China and India. It is useful to know that to produce about one kilo of chitosan, you need about 10 kilos of raw material (exoskeleton) depending on how to use it.
Chitosan its composition
Chitosan is made up of chitin, but it is important to know that it is close to cellulose and that it is insoluble.

Chitosan and its medicinal virtues

Chitosan is renowned worldwide for its fat capturing action, in fact it attracts lipids, up to the equivalence of fifteen times its original weight, and turns into a kind of gel that cannot be digested by the body and thus will evacuate it by natural means, it is therefore generally advisable to ingest it before meals. Numerous international studies establish that chitosan is one of the most favorable elements in the search for slimming regimes.
Chitosan is very beneficial for improving intestinal transit while reducing uric acid which results in acid-base stability. Chitosan has the ability to spread a protective gel inside the stomach.
Chitosan greatly reduces the risk of hypertension. Through these different therapeutic properties, chitosan helps restore better cholesterol.

Chitosan other uses

Chitosan is present in many dietary elements and also in cosmetology. Chitosan is in the process of becoming a very promising substance as a means of delivering drugs (microcapsules) for example, such as vaccines, antigens and many more, in the regeneration of tissues like cartilage.

Chitosan heals

Cholesterol, hypertension, fat burner, overweight, obesity