Calcium essential benefits, calcium fixation on the bone

juil. 6, 2012
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Calcium benefits

Calcium deficiencies and disorders Blood pressure, premenstrual syndrome, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia

Diseases Osteoporosis, cholesterol

Beneficial Bones, weight loss, fractures, colorectal cancer preventive

Calcium description

It is above all a trace element whose essential role is to mineralize the bones in the form of calcium phosphate salts. This trace element constitutes nearly 2% of the body mass, and the major part of this calcium is distributed on the bones and the teeth, the rest is localized on all the cells of the organism and especially for their good functioning. / p>

The first steps towards the discovery of calcium in the body, its content and how it works, were started in 1801 by a Swedish chemist named Berzelius.

Source calcium

It is found in our daily diet and mainly in dairy products which vary from simple milk through butter, cheese and yoghurt.

But that's not all, this trace element is also present in tap water, in almonds and pistachios, green vegetables (leafy trees like broccoli and spinach), some fish also contain it , the egg yolk too. Foods such as oil seeds (sunflower and sesame) contain it, dates and parsley, watercress and cocoa, fruits and certain mineral waters. Calcium supplementation with a food supplement may be necessary and taurine will also allow better use of it.


It should be noted that the intake is unfortunately often low in quantities (approximately recommended dose for an adult, around 900 mg), because people generally have a fairly unbalanced diet and it is necessary that this intake be constant and daily for a good functioning of the organism. To overcome this lack of intake, it is proven that taken as a food supplement stabilizes and regulates the doses recommended for the body.

A deficiency of this trace element in children from newborn to late adolescence can have serious consequences on bone growth. In adults, calcium deficiency results in the most unpleasant muscle cramps, numbness, dental and gum complications, osteoporosis, as well as increased risk of bone fractures.

But on the contrary if the intake is excessive, it can lead to digestive disorders, headaches, pain which is mainly in the muscles and bones, some vomiting also and kidney stones.

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Its medicinal virtues

This trace element of great importance and essential for the body and having a recommended intake should be done throughout life.

It is important to take with magnesium which is essential for the fixing of calcium.

Calcium enters into the reinforcement and the mineralization of the framework, it makes it possible to effectively aid in the growth and its stability in adulthood. Indeed, it is preventive to reduce the risk of often common fractures due to the great age of people and it helps to slow down bone loss in cases of osteoporosis.

But that's not all, it brings a regularity of blood pressure especially in hypertension disorders. Calcium slightly lowers cholesterol levels and above all relieves symptoms that generally accompany PMS, such as with maca and the calcium it contains. Calcium intake has also been proven to prevent the risk of colorectal cancer.

Calcium other uses

Calcium exists in other forms such as calcium chloride, which is used in food for recipes that use sodium alginate, and also to strengthen certain thickening and stabilizing gels.

Calcium it helps and heals

Strengthen bone structure, regulate blood pressure, contribute to weight loss, osteoporosis, PMS symptoms, reduce cholesterol, prevent fractures, prevent colorectal cancer, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia.