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Svetol decaffeinated green coffee bean extract

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Beneficial Burn, fat, weight loss, antioxidant, obesity, overweight

Svetol Svetol description Svetol® is extracted from unroasted coffee beans from the coffee plant of the genus Robusta, this shrub is about nine meters tall, usually found in the shade of tall trees. The leaves of this coffee tree are very resistant oval shapes and opposite to each other, their surface is smooth and shiny. This shrub has white flowers that give off a very fragrant scent, they are ephemeral and are found clustered in the axils of leaves. From these flowers is born a fruit of pale green color and ovoid shape called cherry. These cherries take on a red hue when ripe and contain a soft, very sweet pulp, as well as two seeds (from which svetol® is extracted).

Svetol culture

This coffee tree comprising green coffee beans from which svetol® is extracted, originated in equatorial Africa, in the hot and humid forests of Madagascar and India, Indonesia and Oceania. Nowadays, it is cultivated on both sides of Ecuador, in almost all tropical countries such as Côte d'Ivoire and Vietnam in the Far East. He particularly appreciates the altitude between two hundred and two thousand meters on average, since there is a not too hot climate and sufficient water quality. We harvest the cherries (fruit) at maturity to dry them in the sun for many weeks, then the cherry is broken in order to recover the beans (beans) that it contains the green coffee from which we recover the svetol® .

Svetol its composition

Thanks to the green coffee beans, we obtain decaffeinated plant extracts, svetol®, which is very rich in active elements. They contain an important source of chlorogenic acids and their equivalents in caffeic and quinic acid. It should be noted that svetol® is devoid of harmful substances to the body such as caffeine, cafestol and kahweol.

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Svetol and its medicinal virtues

Green coffee extract, svetol® increases the lean mass capital in the fat mass profile (reduction), which can lead to appreciable weight loss, while redrawing the contours of the silhouette. Svetol® is a fat burner, in fact it has the ability to de-stock the lipid reserves present in the body and to melt them by the action of specific enzymes. The fat burner and weight loss properties of svetol® have been scientifically proven in medicinal studies with green coffee plant extract. In addition, the virtues of svetol® on blood sugar control can reduce the level of sugar absorbed by elimination, an important property also for weight loss.

Svetol other uses

Did you know that coffee is the most consumed drink across the globe, and that it is specified that coffee production is 65% arabica and 35% robusta. Svetol® is only known for its therapeutic and medicinal qualities.

Svetol Burn fat, regulate blood sugar (glycemia), weight loss, antioxidant, overweight.