Chromium chloride health and slimming benefits

juil. 3, 2012
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Benefits of chromium chloride

Chromium chloride turbid Cholesterol, triglycerides

Diseases Type 2 diabetes

Beneficial Weight loss, increase muscle mass

Description of chromium chloride

chromium chloride is an essential trace element for the body and especially for health, from its discovery in 1797, it spent almost 200 years before realizing its importance for the body. The main function in our body is the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

The source of chromium chloride

Chromium chloride is present in many areas, it is around us, it is found in the air and in water, and even in the soil and of course in food. It is good to specify that the level of chromium chloride in foodstuffs is found to be in very low quantities.

The best sources are found in brewer's yeast and calf's liver. But it is also present, less rich, of course in fish and shellfish (oyster, mussel, gray shrimp, herring). It is found in meat, such as pork chops, beef and eggs, also in whole grains, as well as fruits and vegetables (dates, pear, tomato, mushroom, broccoli, barley, hazelnut, corn, asparagus, green beans and potatoes).

Chloride deficiency

Although the body does not manufacture this trace element, and it is mainly supplied by food, it cannot be excluded that a loss could come from malnutrition, pregnancy, excessive sport, stress, and the use of certain corticosteroids has been shown to be just as responsible. A deficiency in chromium chloride, can unfortunately be synonymous with many disorders of the organism.

First of all because this trace element participates in the metabolism of sugars and fats, a deficiency would trigger disorders in these areas, such as hyperlipidemia (large percentage of fat in the blood), hyperglycemia, as well as hyperinsulinemia (excessive insulin level in the blood) and finally glucose intolerance.

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The medicinal virtues of chromium chloride

Chromium chloride really has its place in maintaining our health, it should be noted that to date the extent of the action of this trace element is not yet fully defined. But it is certified and proven to help develop tissue sensitivity to insulin. This function brings a normalization and a stabilization of the rate of blood sugars, while regulating that of insulin in the blood, this role is essential in the diabetics and especially those of type 2. Also with the green coffee slimming, the chloride of chromium and vitamin B6 work together harmoniously in regulating blood sugar levels.

Many studies have brought to light the important role that chromium chloride plays in the solution against cholesterol. It acts by reducing lipogenesis (all of the biochemical processes that bring about the synthesis of lipids, especially fatty acids), therefore, it reduces total cholesterol while developing good cholesterol, it does the same by reducing triglycerides (compounds of lipid).

The fame of chromium chloride concerning its action to lose weight and that on the increase of muscle mass is renowned. Several studies have confirmed that this property, thanks to its effects in limiting the intake of lipids, therefore fats and glucose (sugar) and promoting, by distributing the energy supply throughout the body and the increase in power muscle, just like taurine and chromium chloride.

Other uses of chromium

The chromium present in food or in food supplement is trivalent chromium which is essential for the organism. But its opposite, which is called hexavalent chromium is of great toxicity to the body, it is used in the steel industry as well as that of leather tanning, but it is also used in the composition of certain pigments, in the treatment of metal surfaces and to preserve the wood.

Chromium chloride heals

Treat type 2 diabetes, lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, weight loss, increase muscle mass.