Citrus aurantium bitter orange benefits, weight loss, calorie expenditure

juin 18, 2012
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Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) benefits

Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) disorders Fight against cellulite, dyspepsia, sleep disorder


Beneficial Excessive overweight, orange peel, weight loss, loss of appetite, antifungal, vasoconstrictor, hypertensive, digestive tonic, fat burner

Bitter orange description

Citrus aurantium is a fruit tree that can measure between five to fifteen meters and that is called sour orange. Its branches are thorny and have leathery, oval-shaped leaves which, as soon as they are crumpled, emit a strong aromatic odor. The flowers of citrus aurantium are white or pink in color with thick petals, gathered by two or three and a very sweet aroma, they appear in the month of June. It is a fruit (citrus), round and possessing a rather rough skin and small in size compared to its cousin the orange, it has an acid and bitter flesh containing many seeds.

Citrus aurantium culture

The bitter orange was born in Africa and Southeast Asia, more precisely from India to China, this tree is now cultivated all around the Mediterranean (France and Spain), and in all the tropics and subtropics of the planet. The sour orange has a good resistance to the cold, it needs a lot of sunshine, a drained soil, a little acidic, but a great richness in humus.

Bitter orange its composition

Citrus aurantium or more commonly bitter orange consists of flavonoid (antioxidant) including naringoside and neo-eriocitroside and synephrine (alkaloid similar to adrenaline or ephedrine), and there is n -methyltyramime (amino acid). It contains pectin and essential oil (linalool and linalyl acetate), limonene and coumarins, vitamin C and carotenes.

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Bitter orange and its medicinal virtues

Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) has tonic and digestive qualities, it is also antifungal, vasoconstrictor and hypertensive. These properties give it a slimming virtue, in fact, it activates weight loss through thermogenesis (fat burner), thanks to synephrine (replaces ephedrine substance having a health controversy) powerful alkaloid known to decrease weight. , cellulite and increase muscle performance.

Citrus aurantium is effective in disorders related to dyspepsia (digestive disorder) and certified as such by the German Commission E. Bitter orange (citrus aurantium) develops the production of gastric mucus and therefore has a digestive protective action.

The antifungal principles of citrus aurantium, allow it to relieve dermatoses, as well as the vasoconstrictor and hypotensive virtues act on the nervous aspects and sleep disorders (sedative effect).

Citrus aurantium other uses

The fruit, leaves and flowers of citrus aurantium are used for food and perfumery. Indeed, the essence of these flowers can be used in the manufacture of certain perfumes, in pastries and in confectionery. While the oil extracted from the leaves is used in the composition of jams, syrups and marmalades. It is part of the ingredients of orange wine.

Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) helps and heals

Weight loss, increases the caloric expenditure of the body, slimming virtues, increase in muscle performance, loss of appetite, disorders related to dyspepsia (a set of digestive disorders), digestive tonic, antifungal, vasoconstrictor, hypertensive, on nervousness and sleep disturbances which result from it, on dermatoses by relieving them.