Tribulus terrestris benefits bodybuilding, tribulus libido, menopause

mai 2, 2012
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Tribulus terrestris benefits

Disorders Fatigue, impotence, menopause, frigidity, urinary problems, diarrhea


Beneficial Increase testosterone, improved protein synthesis, endurance and strength, recovery after exercise, immune system, sleep, libido, male fertility, female fertility.

Tribulus terrestris description

Tribulus terrestris (tribule) is a tropical, perennial, perennial herb with long creeping stems that can reach almost a meter in length. The tribulus has stems dotted with almost silvery hairs which, with age, become hairless. Its leaves follow one another, sometimes opposite. The flowers of the tribulus are small in size and bright yellow in color, have five petals, and are usually isolated at the base of the leaves and appear from April to September. The fruits have the appearance of capsules with tips (shaped like stars) and the seeds are sharp and tough.

Tribulus terrestris has its origins in India, China and Saharan Africa, it has now spread to southern Europe, as well as western Asia and America. This plant particularly appreciates hot and dry places and maximum sunshine, wasteland, compact and rich in nitrate. The particularity of the tribulus is that it spreads by clinging to animals that brush against them thanks to the small tips of its capsules. The fruits of tribulus terrestris have the necessary therapeutic qualities, after harvesting them they are then dried and powdered.

Tribulus terrestris its composition

The main active components of tribulus terrestris (tribule) are saponins and more specifically steroids saponins with dioscin, as well as diosgenin, protodioscin and furostanol. It also consists of phytosterols, steroid flavonoids, nitrate and potassium chloride.

Buy tribulus terrestris 60 capsules

Tribulus and its medicinal virtues

Tribulus terrestris has aphrodisiac, aperitif, tonic, stimulating, and cholesterol-lowering properties, it has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties in China and India.

The benefits of tribulus terrestris improves female and male sexual performance (stimulation of libido), it increases testosterone levels (approximately thirty to fifty percent more). The same goes for the quality and production of sperm, and the maintenance of erection (supply of blood flow), which helps to treat sexual dysfunctions of either sex.

The effects of tribulus terrestris also work on the reproductive system in both male and female, it increases and stimulates fertility, and conversely will provide relief from symptoms related to menopause and andropause.

Tribulus terrestris has effects on sports performance, positive development of recovery following exercise, an increase in physical endurance and development of muscle capacity, these effects are provided by stimulation of protein synthesis .

The role of tribulus terrestris is to stimulate the immune system, it acts on urinary tract infections and inflammation of the throat and mouth, it reduces cholesterol by acting on the liver.

Tribulus terrestris other uses

It is a pity that the tribulus was once cataloged as a weed and was routinely pulled up by cultivators of old. Some people picked the capsules before they ripened to powder them and used them as condiments in their diet.

Terrestris helps and heals

Increased testosterone in men, improved protein synthesis, increased endurance and strength, improved recovery after exercise, boosted immune system, improved sleep, boosted libido, improved fertility of men, stimulated the fertility of women, relieved symptoms related to menopause, fatigue, impotence, menopause, frigidity, urinary disorders, diarrhea.