Benefits Bilberry, eyes, heavy legs, against diarrhea

mai 2, 2012
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Blueberry benefits

Bilberry for rubles Prevention of cataracts, prevention of macula degeneration

Diseases Prevention of cancer, prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes

Beneficial Improved vision, ability to see better in the dark, improvement of motor functions, protection of brain tissue, decreased permeability of capillaries, strengthening of capillaries

Blueberry description

The blueberry grows on the sub-shrub called blueberry, with very long roots. Its weakly winged stem measures between twenty and sixty centimeters in height, it is erect and branchy. Leaves cover it with a pale green hue, their shapes are oval and alternate, finely toothed and dotted with veins on the inner side. The blueberry flowers are either grouped in pairs or isolated and are placed in the axils of the leaves, their colors are pinkish white. Bilberry is a bluish-black, purplish, rounded berry measuring only five millimeters in diameter, fleshy and with a pleasant flavor that is harvested from June to September.

Blueberry culture

The blueberry, this tasty berry favors the high relief regions (mountains) of Europe, we find at heights varying between four hundred to two thousand five hundred meters, it has also spread in Asia and America and all over the world. It prefers shady and humid places, and soils rich in aluminum (silica), easy to cultivate and a life expectancy of thirty-five years.

Vaccinium myrtillus its composition

Bilberry contains organic and triterpene acids with citric acid, benzoic acid, malic acid, succinic and quinic acid, ursolic and oleanic acids, arbutoside and neomyrtiline.

Bilberry also contains anthocyanins and catechetical tannins, flavonoids and bioflavonoids with arabinoside and quercetol, vitamins A and C, and pro-vitamin E, as well as pectin and mineral salts.

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Blueberry and its medicinal properties

Bilberry is a small berry with many beneficial properties for the organism, the main one being that it has an anti hemeralopic action (improvement of night vision ), but that's not all it is antiseptic and anti-infective, anti-diarrheal and anti-hemorrhagic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and diuretic.

Bilberry was the subject of scientific studies for its properties on night vision, after it was noticed that British airplane pilots consumed this fruit for their night flights. In addition, bilberry protects the tissues of the eye against all light and other attacks (like all screens) and provides invaluable help with problems of cataracts and prevents degeneration of the macula (macular degeneration related to age or AMD) which results from deterioration of the area near the optic nerve responsible for visual acuity.

The attribution of antioxidant for bilberry classifies it among the most important, it has the effect of slowing down aging, and of being preventive on certain cancers, on arteriosclerosis, heart attacks as well as vascular accidents cerebral.

The tannins present in the blueberry give it an action on the prevention of many infections located on the urinary tract, by preventing bacteria from clinging to it (colibacillosis, cystitis).

But it is not all these same tannins associated with the anthocyanoside contained in bilberry gives it an anti diarrheal power while soothing the pains and spasms caused by colitis.

Bilberry other uses

Blueberry berries are well known in cooking, they can be enjoyed fresh, raw cooked or dried or added to various dishes, such as pastries and jams, syrups, sorbets, herbal teas, liqueurs and wines as well as in certain sauces which accompany certain pieces of game. A little tip to enhance your dishes with blueberry pepper (spicy and fruity), associated with pink and black peppercorns with blueberries dried in a pepper mill, and bon appétit.

Vaccinium myrtilluse helps and heals

Improved vision, ability to see better in the dark, prevention of cataracts, prevention of macula degeneration, improvement of motor functions, protection of brain tissue, decreased permeability of capillaries, strengthening of capillaries , cancer prevention, prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.