Royal jelly physical and intellectual fatigue, stress

juin 19, 2012
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Royal jelly benefits

Royal jelly Disorders Fatigue, immune defense, overwork, depression, anxiety, anorexia


Beneficial Physical performance, intellectual performance, sexual performance, resistance physical fatigue, resistance intellectual fatigue, students (exams), strengthen the immune system, skin aging (hair, hair and nails), states of fatigue, overwork, loss of appetite

Royal jelly description

It is a material with a creamy appearance, slightly gelatinous and white or light yellow in color with pearly reflections, and its half-sweet and acid taste with a scent of fennel comes from our friends the bees. This substance is secreted thanks to the glandular system located in the heads of these worker bees, but they can only produce it during a short period of time between the fifth day of their life and the fourteenth (taking the title at this time nurse bee). Royal jelly is the food reserved for the larvae of the whole colony and those during the first three days of their existence, only then the queen's larva will continue to have it and remain throughout its life (the other larvae will either have honey or pollen only).

This dietary difference is also established during their adult life, hence the name royal jelly, because only the queen consumes it, and this food brings a complete development to the queen, as much by the growth since it is much larger than all the others, than over their lifespan of up to five years for the queens and only five weeks for the rest of the hive. In addition, the queen has a reproductive system, making her the only one capable of laying eggs in the community and reaching a figure of nearly two thousand eggs per day.

Bees growing jelly

Pproduced by bees is only a tiny amount, just the bare essentials of the hive's needs, but largely insufficient for human use. Beekeeping professionals have found the solution for a natural production of royal jelly, for this, it is enough to remove the queen from a community, so that the bees build royal cells allowing the stimulation of the production of this jelly.

This substance is then harvested after three days, so it at the highest of its qualities, it is specified that a hive produces about five hundred grams per year and for optimum conservation, it is put in the cold as soon as it is harvested and stored in glass vials protected from light and humidity.

Jelly its composition

Royal jelly contains essential elements for its therapeutic virtues, with proteins, carbohydrates (fructose, glucose), and lipids (essential fatty acids). The jelly includes all eight essential amino acids and those at an optimal scale, it is recognized as the richest natural substance in this component.

Combines mineral salts and trace elements, such as calcium and iron, potassium and copper, phosphorus and magnesium, as well as silicon. Different vitamins make up the royal jelly, with vitamin A, all the vitamins of group B and vitamin H. It also incorporates a percentage of more than sixty in water, hormones with acetylcholine and natural antibiotics.

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Royal jelly and its medicinal virtues

The benefits of royal jelly provide nutritional and energetic properties as well as on the metabolism system, its use is beneficial for all phases of life, both men and women, with an increase in vitality general body, stimulation, and a euphoric effect (well-being). Royal jelly optimizes physical, psychological and sexual performance, with the development of resistance to fatigue.

The virtues of royal jelly strengthen the body to counter external aggressions (resistance to cold), it acts on aesthetics with a delay in skin aging, and a strengthening of hair and nails.

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The action of royal jelly on emotional states, reduces depressive behavior, improves moods of anxiety or annoyance. Royal jelly stimulates the appetite by reducing the attitudes of anorexia.

Royal jelly is ideally recommended for convalescent people, by its vasodilator and hypotensive effects and its nutritive action, it is a contribution to the good recovery of the body.

Royal jelly other uses

Royal jelly is incorporated in cosmetic uses, soap, day creams and anti-aging cream. It is also integrated in the diet, with turkey, salmon, cakes, creams and jelly.

Royal jelly helps and heals

Better physical, intellectual or sexual performance, greater resistance to physical or (and) intellectual fatigue, students (preparation for exams facilitated to learn and memorize), strengthen the immune defense system, resist attacks in general and microbial in particular, slow down the effects of aging, skin (hair, hair and nails), states of fatigue, overwork, loss of appetite, reduce physical and intellectual fatigue and stress, strengthen immunity, support convalescents, treat sexual and menstrual disorders.