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Shiitake immune system virus flu, cold, cholesterol

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Shiitake - Shitake benefits

Shiitake for disorders Constipation

Diseases Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol

Beneficial Immune defenses, vitamin D deficiency, slow aging, antifungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral

Shiitake description

Shiitake is an edible, very tasty and pleasant mushroom that has a short stalk. It has a busty cap and depending on the period of maturity it is either flat or domed, measuring almost twenty centimeters in diameter and of a brownish tint on the top and Havana on the blades. The foot is quite woody and its texture is spongy.

Shiitake culture

Shiitake or shitake, this fungus is not found on the ground, it is found spontaneously on damp woods, tree trunks especially deciduous trees (oak, mulberry, poplar, holly, laurel and many other trees). others still). This mushroom was born in the Far East, in the humid regions of Asia, especially on the island of Kyüshü (Japan), as well as in Korea and China. Its specific culture on logs, on logs, see mushroom houses (cork compost pad), allow it to be cultivated almost everywhere, Brittany in France is the leading producer in Europe.

Shiitake its composition

It has many substances, including two main phenolic compounds, lentinan and AC2P, as well as eritademin and complex sugars polysaccharides.

This mushroom contains minerals with copper and selenium, zinc and phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, manganese.

The shiitake also includes vitamins of group B, Vitamin B2 and B3, vitamin B5 and B6, B9 and vitamin D and PP.

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Its medicinal virtues

The mushroom has been used for nearly twenty centuries by the Orientals, who advocated it as a stimulant and restorative of the immune system.

Shiitake and the immune system.

By its different principles, the fungus protects against external aggressions (influenza, herpes) and infectious diseases. It acts by immune stimulation, increasing vitality and strengthening defenses. Shiitake is indicated therapeutically in the phases of general fatigue, important (physical and / or nervous), and in the periods of convalescence following surgery for example.

Powerful cholesterol-lowering shiitake.

The shiitake acts in perfect synergy on the reduction of the blood cholesterol level (hypocholesterolemic) and on the reduction of lipids in the blood (lipid lowering), this property is adequate to counter the high cholesterol and the problems of arteriosclerosis. / p>

The benefits of shiitake are beneficial in preventing certain cardiovascular disorders, constipation, by its vitamin D intake which helps reduce deficiencies. It allows better control over type 2 diabetes and by its antioxidant virtue, it slows down aging.

Shiitake other uses

It is important to note that shiitake or shitake is the second mushroom in the world after Paris to be used in cooking. The biggest consumers are Asians (Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea), but its notoriety is starting to settle in European recipes.

It helps to heal

Immune defenses, antibacterials, antivirals, prevent constipation, prevent cardiovascular disorders, help control type 2 diabetes, provide vitamin D, reduce cholesterol levels, slow down aging.