Arginine erectile dysfunction, female sexual

juin 5, 2012
arginine maca damiana zin
L-arginine, arginine hydrochloride

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Sexual disorders in both men and women can have different causes, birth defects, trauma, chronic infections of the genitals or allergies, etc. Studies conducted on men with sexual dysfunctions support that arginine + zinc significantly improves the quantity, quality and mobility of sperm. So arginine combined with zinc has an effect on the testicles allowing a more abundant sperm, it was even noticed that this combination of arginine and zinc enlarged the testicles considerably. from 50% to 150% on some men.

The therapeutic indications for arginine:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Improved sports performance
  • Stimulation of the immune system

Arginine is an amino acid involved in cell division for proper functioning in the course of wound healing and therefore on the immune system. It helps in the removal of ammonia from the body. Taking arginine helps the human body to create nitric oxide which helps to dilate the blood vessels, it helps in the production of creatine which activates the development and the proper functioning of the muscles which follow after a major trauma or severe infection or even after major surgery. In doing so, it improves resistance to physical exertion.

The erection is due to nerve stimulation that originates in the brain, the penis then receives its impulses and the vessels which supply the vascularity of the penis dilate. The muscles around the spongy tissue relax and blood fills the cavernous bodies. So the more blood there is, the bigger the erection. Erectile dysfunction has been found to be caused by a low percentage of nitric oxide in the body which significantly reduces the flow of blood needed for an erection. But arginine, allowing the production of this substance, promotes increased blood supply and helps a strong and meaningful erection.

As for female sexual dysfunction, with the help of arginine, a noticeable improvement in nerve impulses on the vagina was measured, especially in women after menopause. Tests have been carried out which gives a slight evolution of female sexual functions.