Arginine L-Arginine, female erectile and sexual dysfunction

juin 5, 2012
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Arginine or L-Arginine

Arginine for disorders Erectile dysfunction


Beneficial Nerve impulses from the vagina, sports performance, immune system, heal wounds

Arginine description

Arginine or L-arginine is above all an amino acid (semi-essential) it is one of the twenty amino acids that make up the proteins of the body. It enters into the essential course of certain components or organs of the body, it acts on the healing of wounds as well as on the evacuation of ammonia, and on the production of nitric oxide which has the function of dilating blood vessels. as well as creatinine which helps muscle development and function.

The source

It was discovered and isolated at the end of the 1880s by a Swiss chemist, then its action in the various processes of the organism was discovered between 1930 and 1940. This amino acid is synthesized by the organism, but in some cases, it is important to have a contribution to avoid a deficiency.

Arginine is found in our diet, it is present in certain legumes (lentils, peas), in certain cereals such as rice, but only brown, oats and buckwheat, in foods containing protein like poultry (chicken) and also in red meat and milk-based products and some fish too, wine and nuts.

Arginine deficiency

It is specified that at present, no recommendation has been made on the content of an arginine intake, but if a deficiency occurs, it may be a factor in many traumas of importance for the organization.

A deficiency of this amino acid can cause serious infections, difficulty healing wounds, severe hair loss, skin rashes, constipation disorders, and fatty hepatitis of the liver called fatty liver disease, overproduction without removal of ammonia.

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Its medicinal virtues

It is essential for increasing sexual and physical (muscle) performance.

It is effective and certified in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions, because generally, they are due to blood disorders, and the action of arginine is to restore the flow of blood. In addition, it has been proven that in combination with zinc, it increases the sperm content. For women, it stimulates nerve impulses in the vagina which results in sexual improvement.

By its action on the secretions of growth hormone and the production of creatine, arginine develops sports performance, and helps to increase muscle strength and mass.

This amino acid also acts on the stimulation of the immune system and therefore its defenses, which leads to a reduction in infectious episodes and allows skin wounds to heal better.

Arginine other uses

Arginine is often found associated with other elements in different energy drinks, but also in shampoos and hair masks to strengthen them.

Arginine helps and heals

Erectile dysfunction, stimulates nerve impulses from the vagina, improved sports performance, stimulates the immune system, heals injuries.