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Aphrodisiac, tonic and natural sexual stimulant

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Stimul'up ™ arginine maca damiana zinc

The benefits of sex are many. Sexual activity revitalizes the entire body, tones the cardiovascular system and provides remarkable relaxation. The influence of the mind on libido is important, but equally so is that of nutrition.

Human beings have always looked for a way to improve or restore their sexual vigor. Due to the diversity of plants, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see clearly about the beneficial contribution of such and such plants. Clinical trials have been carried out to verify that damiana and arginine provide real effectiveness in the problems that some people may encounter in their sexual activities.

Damiana is a leaf that grows on an aromatic shrub in southern countries (Mexico, South America, Texas, West Indies) while arginine is an amino acid. If zinc is combined with arginine, we obtain more abundant sperm, of an impressive quantity and quality of mobility, even for some even an increase in the testicles.

Aphrodisiac, tonic and natural sexual stimulant.

• Damiana is an effective libido enhancer in both men and women.
• Taken on a regular basis, damiana has a beneficial effect on the sexual organs.
• Damiana is recognized as a natural aphrodisiac
• Arginine helps dilate blood vessels in the process of erection.

The association:

Arginine + zinc

Acts on beneficial proliferation of sperm.
> More specifically damiana is an effective aid against premature ejaculation. It also helps women with their menstrual problems (dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea) and strengthens their genitals. As for arginine, it provides an effective solution in certain erectile dysfunctions, as well as in certain female dysfunctions.

Both have other properties: urinary antiseptic, antidepressant, nerve tonic and laxative (for damiana). In improving sports performance after trauma or operations and an important aid in the healing process for injuries (for arginine).

If with damiana you combine arginine-zinc for these benefits on sperm, maca for its fortifying and hormonal regulator contribution and vitamins B1, B2 and B6 for their energy contribution, you will obtain a powerful natural complex for tonicity, stimulation, libido, against sexual dysfunctions and vigor of the genitals.