Hydrolyzed marine elastin as a food supplement

sept. 13, 2012
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Marine Elastin Anti-aging: Maintain the suppleness and youthfulness of your skin.

Marine elastin is a protein organized in fibers and rich in amino acids with hydrophobic characteristics, it is essential for our epidermal capital. Even though they represent less than 5% of the skin's fibers, marine elastin fibers are essential for its elasticity, because it gives elasticity and strength to the tissues.

It has been shown that our elastin fiber capital decreases its production, as we age, marine elastin shrinks, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and becomes thin, wrinkled.

Elastin fibers have properties of mechanical resistance and elasticity necessary to strengthen intercellular cohesion, and connective tissues, by becoming scarce it creates stretch marks, skin aging, sagging of the skin and facial contours.

Marine elastin or marine elastin

Marine elastin is an active protein of marine origin 100% natural and closest to our body, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis (by dissociation of materials by associating a water molecule). This marine elastin is rich in elastin fibers, and rich in polypeptides that help regenerate the dermis from within, where it can strengthen the skin and its elasticity. Marine Collagen - CoQ10 - Coenzyme Q10

Marine elastin allows your skin to be restructured (firmer and more supple), it acts on the supporting tissues of the dermis which allows it a significant tightening effect, by stimulating the formation of new elastin fiber.

Marine elastin actively fights against sagging skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming, resulting in youthful, plump skin.

Marine elastin helps cohesion between cells and thus biological tissues to form. It is necessary for the good recovery of the skin, and for the functioning of the lungs, blood vessels, connective tissues, certain tendons and cartilages.

A food supplement in elastin capsules

Complementary intake with a food supplement in capsules in addition to your diet, is therefore an excellent alternative for a firming effect on the skin (and not only in facials).

Elastin is the second building block of connective tissue, after collagen, collagen and elastin fibers have complementary properties, one providing density and resistance, and the other elasticity, and rebound.

Thus elastin and marine collagen associated with coenzyme Q10, in the Coenzyme Q10 Complex, hydrolyzed marine collagen and elastin, will provide you with all the 100% natural elements that your skin and your body needs to find all the characteristics of a second youth.