Natural fat burner, garcinia cambogia

avril 13, 2012
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Garcinia cambogia disorders Cholesterol, diarrhea, dysentery


Beneficial Appetite suppressant, obesity, overweight, cellulite

Garcinia cambogia description

Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit tree that can grow up to twenty meters in height and has a reddish-brown bark on its trunk. The leaves are evergreen, simple and opposite and oval and a glossy dark green shade. While the flowers are unisexual, they are visible from April with a yellowish tinge. The fruits of the have the size of an orange or even a small pumpkin with a yellow tint or even red and when ripe turns purple. The peel of the garcinia cambogia fruit is impressively thick, and its whitish pulp is juicy, slightly tart and very fragrant, with small, oblong seeds.

Garcinia cambogia culture

It comes from Asia, and more specifically Southeast Asia, but also India and Australia as well as tropical and southern Africa and also Polynesia and the West Indies. Garcinia cambogia is a subtropical species that is preferred in the humid forests of these different places. There are more than 180 varieties around the world. The precious resin of garcinia cambogia that serves as a gum must be taken from a tree that is ten years old.

The composition

It contains many compounds, the most important of which is hydroxycitric acid known as HCA or AHC, as well as garcinol.

Garcinia Cambogia also incorporates antioxidants, with citric acid and malic acid, but also polyphenols and also carbohydrates.

The richness of garcinia cambogia demonstrates a high content of vitamin C and anthocyanin pigment.

Garcinia cambogia and its medicinal properties

It works on three main areas of weight loss, firstly:

The appetite suppressant action

By its property of appetite reducer, in fact, it contains hydroxycitric acid, which has been shown by numerous clinical studies, only after ingestion, through a gluco receptor which provides a process of satiety directly in the brain.

Reduction of sugar-fat transformation

The AHC acid contained in garcinia cambogia, will allow a strong reduction in the production of fats, more precisely by blocking the activity of an enzyme citrated lyase, responsible for this synthesis and thus thwarting the metamorphosis of sugars and carbohydrates in fat masses.

Reduction of LDL bad cholesterol

It reduces the formation of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and thus increases the burning of calories and therefore thermogenesis and also improves the cardiovascular system. It is therefore a natural appetite suppressant with an effective action on satiety, a weight loss associated with a reduction in adipose mass, therefore ideal in cases of overweight, obesity, strong propensity to cellulite. / p>

Garcinia cambogia has been used for a long time in diarrhea and dysentery disorders.

Garcinia cambogia other uses

The bark decoction is also administered for veterinary use to treat various disorders or diseases in livestock. In India, the seeds of garcinia cambogia are extracted as an edible vegetable oil, and also with the rind of the fruit, in various seasonings as a condiment in Thai and Indian cuisine.

Garcinia cambogia helps and heals

Appetite suppressant, obesity, overweight, cellulite, cholesterol, diarrhea, dysentery.

Buy garcinia cambogia 90 capsules

A natural appetite suppressant

The natural appetite suppressant suppressant for weight loss.

Logically lose weight, yes, but not just any old way, and especially not by putting your health at risk. From everywhere, you are offered such and such regimes, such chemical drugs most of the time with side effects that are difficult to bear. You are also offered draconian diets based on food so low in calories that you lose morale and your emotional and physical well-being.

This impressive weight loss craze is partly the cause of the growing number of people looking for weight loss solutions. According to the latest Obépi survey published at the end of 2009, the French have put on weight by 3 kg on average over the past twelve years. And our country would now have 14 million overweight adults, and 6 million obese. But basically, there is nothing really new.

But really to lose weight, the best is to conspicuously reduce your calorie intake, but how to make you feel demoralized or resort to methods that will be harmful to your body, and not to feel frustrated by cravings for sweet or salty that torment us.

In the most natural way, there is garcinia cambogia, the appetite suppressant that irreparably induces a feeling of fullness and you take away that inextinguishable urge to eat.

It is 100% vegetable and without side effects, it is part of the category "food supplement". So by reducing the amount of food you eat, garcinia cambogia will force your body to draw on its carbohydrate and fat reserves until you reach the ideal weight for you.

Garcinia Cambogia is the most effective solution currently in your search for slimming while maintaining morale and your physical and emotional well-being. You just need to take garcinia cambogia a little before your meals and the response to your appetite will be completely reduced, so this nutritional supplement will increasingly reduce our need for food, as it is known to be a reducer of appetite (appetite suppressant), and in this way will allow us to lose weight more serenely, and therefore to succeed in our slimming diet by attacking us directly at the very base of our diet.

A fruit suppresses hunger. It is in the bark that the active substance HCA or hydroxycitric acid is found. HCA or hydroxycitric acid is a principle that prevents the change in the body from sugars to fats by tricking the citrate lyase (an enzyme), responsible for this change. The sugars will turn into energy. HCA increases thermogenesis, stops lipogenesis, limits appetite (suppresses hunger) and increases production of glycogen in the liver.