Maca powder from Peru in capsules, and arginine damiana

févr. 10, 2010
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Maca for vitamins:

vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin P.

Maca minerals and trace elements (31 types of minerals): magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, manganese, copper, zinc, tin, calcium, bismuth, phosphorus and selenium.

Maca specific amino acids and fatty acids:

Arginine, (as in Stimul'up ™ which contains maca and arginine) phytosterols, sitosterols, glycine, valine and leucine, macamides, as well as macaenes and more many others.

Also in maca carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, tannins, saponins, isothiocyanates and glucosinolates.

Problems with sexuality, male fertility, anemia, menopause, constipation, stress, anxiety, insomnia

Diseases Tuberculosis, depression, male infertility

Beneficial for Libido, immune system

Maca description

It is a plant, whose origins can be traced back long before the Incas, and is part of the herbaceous, whose stems are not visible. It is defined by a large and fleshy root called a tuber. It should be noted that the tuber makes up most of this plant. The appearance of the maca tuber is oval, but depending on the variety, it can be cream, black, gray, purple. The leaves are thin and appear in a rosette, spread out on the ground. The leaves reproduce continuously from the middle outwards until they reach maturity. Then the flowers appear which gather in clusters and give birth to a fruit which consists of small seeds and is used for the next seed.

Maca culture

Maca grows spontaneously with the cold and harsh climates of Peru. It prefers altitudes up to 4,500 meters in the Andes of Peru. The climatic conditions there are extreme, strong winds, untenable cold, excessive heat, the soil is arid and poor. Now maca can also be grown in lower altitudes. The Peruvian government has implemented a specific program to preserve its production. Maca seeds, their only means of reproduction, are said to take five days to germinate, and the taste of the flesh is similar to caramel, and even coffee with milk.

Maca its composition

The therapeutic virtues are found only in the tuber. It contains a wealth of diversity of the most interesting components. This makes maca of public utility for the proper functioning of the body.

It contains vitamins starting with vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, as well as vitamin B12, but also vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and finally vitamin P.

It includes a wide choice of minerals and trace elements (31 types of minerals), magnesium, potassium, and iron, sodium, but also manganese and copper and even zinc and tin, we find calcium, bismuth, phosphorus and selenium.

The root also contains specific amino acids and fatty acids, such as arginine, phytosterols, sitosterols, glycine, but also valine and leucine, macamides, as well as macaenes and many more. And it's not over, we discover in maca carbohydrates, proteins, also fibers, tannins, there are also saponins and isothiocyanates and finally glucosinolates.

Buy Maca Bio capsules 500mg

Maca and its medicinal virtues

Plant for sex?

Maca is more efficient and without any side effects than Viagra. It acts on all the problems linked to the fertility of the man and his partner, and increases the desire, but also the pleasure and of course the enjoyment of the couple (libido). Maca helps activate erection in impotence disorders. Maca has been shown to increase the number and speed of sperm (male) and to increase the creation of fertilizable eggs (female).

Maca relieves menopause

All medical tests confirm that it is the correct herb to treat all of the symptoms associated with menopause. Maca has its action by reducing premenstrual syndrome, those of premenopause and menopause. It almost completely reduces hot flashes, vaginal dryness, negative emotional states that result, acts on osteoporosis and through its natural hormone release, maca regulates the hormonal cycle. Maca is the natural alternative to HRT, chemical replacement hormone therapy.

Maca energy

Maca is the most natural response to all of the body's energy needs, including tone and vitality, increased muscle performance during exertion and rapid recovery. Maca is the ideal and natural solution for all students to graduate, as it allows for better concentration, and more ability to memorize. Maca has been medically proven to provide more than 10% physical performance for all top athletes.

Maca immune system plant

It gathers and gives, thanks to its essential components, the essential contributions to the body in its research of defense of the immune system. It interacts with blood deficiencies, cholesterol, strengthens resistance to cold, corrects anemia disorders.

Maca other uses

Maca is a plant that has nutritional and aromatic qualities ideal for enhancing cooking. It is consumed all over the world, it can be made into tasty recipes, whether in pastries, but also in savory dishes, and even to add to drinks.

Maca helps and heals

Disorders of sexuality, male fertility, anemia, menopause, constipation, stress, anxiety, insomnia, tuberculosis, depression, male infertility, libido, immune system

Maca contains amino acids.

Recent scientific analyzes have shown that its root does indeed have a very high level of essential fatty acids and that its nutritional value provides essential amino acids for the body. Overall, increases body energy and vigor, corrects some anemia and strengthens the immune system.

Maca also has a stimulating action on the pituitary and hypothalamus, modulating the secretions of the hormones LH, FSH, HCG and prolactin and consequently a considerable role in the proper functioning of other endocrine glands such as the ovaries. , the testes, the adrenal glands, the pancreas as well as the thyroid gland. This true nutritive compound is recommended in periods of recovery from chronic illnesses, stress and as a supplement in the context of anemia. It also has an interesting effect on memory.

Maca provides a lot of absorbable calcium, magnesium and silica and therefore was useful in case of decalcification in children and adults. Also used against erectile dysfunction and various symptoms associated with menopause as well as general fatigue.

In summary:

traditional Peruvian medicine, the medicinal properties (of the dried tuber) can be useful to treat or relieve a host of ailments: sexual and reproductive disorders, weakened immune system, anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, symptoms of menopause, constipation, joint pain, depression, etc. Maca has the quality of adaptogen and has many properties.

Did you know that 240 million people a day have sex, yet this number only represents 6% of the world's so-called "active" population (due to sexual disorders), that's not much. While more than 50% of women in the world, facing menopause, suffer from particularly painful physiological as well as psychological disorders. While there are natural elements and without any side effects to restore and treat sexual disorders and those of menopause, and that is why maca is the essential complement for your well-being, and the harmonization of your organization.

Maca properties

Fertility and sexual performance

The main properties attributed to maca concern its positive effects on fertility and on stimulation of libido (more pleasure, more enjoyment), both male and female. Maca is recognized as an aphrodisiac, it is called "Peruvian Viagra". Indeed for men, maca has an effective action against impotence (by activating the erection), and against sterility, by improving the quality of sperm. While for women, maca has an influence on frigidity and ovarian fertility thanks to the prostaglandin and esters present in the maca tuber.

Immune system

Maca helps regulate the endocrine glands, but above all these properties are active on the immune system, since it acts on blood deficiencies, cholesterol, and rebalances the body. Maca root has a high level of essential fatty acids and a nutritional value that develops amino acids essential for the proper functioning of your body. It strengthens resistance to cold.

Physical performance

Maca increases our energy and physical vigor, it increases physical performance and accelerates recovery after exercise.

Menopause and premenstrual syndrome

Maca fights the negative effects of menopause, it alleviates premenstrual syndrome, as well as all the disorders related to premenopause and menopause (hot flash, reduction of vaginal dryness, rebalancing of the emotional state, anxiety , depression). It fights effectively against osteoporosis, it regulates the hormonal cycle.


Maca will be of great help, thanks to its high content of iron and magnesium, against memory problems such as learning difficulties in young people or in students, as well as disorders caused by stress and fatigue, lack of concentration, trouble sleeping, or reduced intellectual performance in older people.

Maca is a 100% natural food supplement, rich in nutrients. Its dried root contains and closes 11% of proteins. In maca there is also magnesium, potassium, calcium in quantity, silicon. Also maca is rich in iron, iodine, manganese, zinc and copper. Also vitamin C, vitamin E and B complex vitamins.

This perennial (root) plant only grows in the highlands of the Andes, Peru and Bolivia.

Medically, Maca contains tannins, saponins and alkaloids (macamides and macaenes). Maca also contains isothiocyanates and glucosinolates which give it its aphrodisiac and toning properties, improving all the functions of the organism. Its beneficial properties are found only in the root. It acts on needs.