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Taurine what is taurine?

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Taurine, antioxidant, anti-stress, eye health

Disorders Convulsions, anxiety, hypertension, edema, sleep disorder


Beneficial Fatigue, anti aging, anti oxidant, prevention of cataracts and other vision problems including AMD, increase in respiratory weakness, help for slimming, heart ailments, hypoglycemia, regulates blood pressure, stabilizes the structure membrane, helps in alcohol addiction


Taurine was discovered in ox bile, it is a sulfur amino acid derivative (Organic acid: 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) which is also found in the intestine, it is necessary to synthesize it and its chemical formula is C2H7NO3S.

Taurine source

Taurine is also found in certain foods, such as fish and oysters, seaweed and seafood, and also in eggs and meat.

Taurine deficiency

It should be noted that certain diets such as vegans (diet without any food that comes from animal sources) may have deficiencies, and that a deficiency of this organic acid in the body can be synonymous with hypertension, d anxiety, as well as hyperactivity or cataracts.

Its medicinal properties

Taurine has antioxidant, anxiolytic and anti-stress properties.

The benefits

The benefits of taurine act on the renewal of weakened tissues of the vision system, the concentration of this organic acid in the retina can make it essential to maintain good eyesight, and prevent cataracts, certain visual failures and AMD (macular degeneration due to age).

The virtues

The virtues of taurine are essential for athletes since it brings a considerable increase in physical and muscular endurance without affecting cardiac function and a supply of this amino acid prevents oxidative stress during exercise. effort, because it reduces the production of ammonia inherent in physical exercise (limits cramps and aches).

The effects of taurine allow a better regulation of the influx of blood in the nerves, and an improvement in its speed and leads to an optimization of motor coordination.

The properties of taurine make it a natural anxiolytic, especially to regulate certain uncontrolled facial tic disorders, thanks to its modulating action on the central nervous system. It brings energy to the human body to resist physical and mental fatigue, reduce cravings, compulsive or unbalanced food intake.

Other uses

Taurine has no other uses, it is only used for its essential contributions to the body.

Taurine helps heal

To fight fatigue, detoxify our body during sporting efforts, anxiety, anti-aging, antioxidant, prevention of cataracts and other vision problems including AMD, increase in respiratory capacity, help with slimming (by fighting against emotionally unbalanced or compulsive eating habits), relief of hypoglycemia, edema, stimulation of a sluggish liver, protection of the brain, (especially dehydration), regulates blood pressure, stabilizes membrane structure, better utilization of calcium, potassium , magnesium, muscle density, improves protein synthesis and promotes cellular hydration, memory regulator, sleep disorder, anticonvulsant in a state of fatigue, helps in alcohol addiction.

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Taurine energy

Taurine: Powerful antioxidant for the eyes and body, an extraordinary synergistic amino acid

Taurine is crucial to the functioning of the eyes, a deficiency in taurine can cause vision problems.

Taurine what is taurine? What is it for?

Taurine is known to stimulate cellular hydration in the same way that creatine would, making it a biologically synergistic supplement

It was discovered in 1827 in the bile of beef, hence its name. It is an amino acid which is found in our body and which, like these colleagues, is not found in the muscle, or other tissue, but in free form in certain peptides (it is a polymer of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds).

Taurine for the eyes:

it appeared that a taurine deficiency could cause heart problems or even blindness, so it is vital for our body. It is normally very abundant in our body, it is in second position behind glutamine in terms of muscle tissue.

It is the most concentrated amino acid in the retina: Taurine supplementation can prevent cataracts and help stop their development.

Taurine has several functions, it makes it possible to manufacture bile salts, which facilitates the digestion of fats, by boosting the production of bile it can reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Energy and Taurine

It is one of the most effective antioxidants for our body to get rid of free radicals by capturing and neutralizing them.

• It protects the blood arteries, by its ability to lower blood pressure and reduce the effects of excessive salt intake, and at the same time it reduces the state of stress, because stress increases blood pressure , and the role of taurine is to help regulate blood pressure, to help protect heart functions.

• Taurine for athletes: Taurine is the ally par excellence for athletes because it has the ability to increase the capacity for muscular effort while ridding the body of toxins during exercise and it protects your muscles against sports injuries, supplementation with taurine would allow greater physical performance and reduce muscle injuries and cramps.

• Therefore taurine can be an effective ally for the energy needs of the organism and protector of the human body.

How could taurine help sports and physical performance?

Some studies have indicated that taurine supplementation may have beneficial effects in healthy people, especially those who exercise or participate in sports. Taurine supplementation has been associated with reduced fatigue, less muscle damage, and less muscle soreness after a session. In a 2013 study conducted at the University of Stirling, it was found that taking 1000mg of taurine "significantly improved" the time it takes trained runners to cover a distance of 3km. A Brazilian study, also in 2013, stated that taurine supplementation improves performance while decreasing muscle damage after intense exercise.