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Fermented papaya antioxidants free radicals

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Fermented papaya benefits and virtues disorders Oxidative stress


Beneficial Antioxidant, immune defenses

Fermented papaya description

Papaya tree is the name given to this plant that produces papayas, this plant is not a tree, but rather a perennial, semi-woody herb that can grow to heights of 8 meters. The trunk of the papaya tree has a green or even gray bark, marked by the leaves it loses, and covered on the top with palmate leaves. The leaves have a long petiole and are green in color. The papaya tree has either male or female flowers which are separated on different feet, they are recognized for the males have a white corolla while the females have a yellow pistil. Papaya is its fruit and stands directly on the trunk and looks like a yellow to orange egg-shaped berry and yellowish-green when ripe and can weigh up to 10 kg, with seeds inside gray. The whole papaya tree contains a white colored latex.


The papaya tree was born in the warm regions of Mexico and Central America, it is now planted in countries with a warm and slightly humid climate, in Asia with Malaysia, as well as Thailand and the Philippines, but also in Brazil in the West Indies, and in Africa.

Fermented papaya is obtained from a process of extracting the pulp of papaya, which ferments in alcohol for several months to finish in desiccation into a white powder.

Fermented papaya its composition

Fermented papaya contains many components, it is rich in different vitamins, with vitamin A, vitamin B5 and vitamin B9, but also vitamin C, and an important source of vitamin E.

It doesn't stop there, fermented papaya contains different antioxidants including catechin, which includes carotenoids with beta-cryptoxanthin and also with lycopene which are both yellow to red pigments.

Fermented papaya contains dietary fiber and potassium and several amino acids.

Buy fermented papaya 120 capsules

Fermented papaya and its benefits and medicinal properties

Fermented papaya has developed in the scientific community around the world and which can give it some of the most interesting therapeutic virtues for human health.

By its high content of various antioxidants, fermented papaya acts on oxidative stress and the interactions that can damage the many cells and organs of our body in their fight against certain effects of tobacco, alcohol, and pollution.

It can be an ideal solution to help protect the immune system. As a food supplement, it helps to strengthen the immune defenses against certain attacks that the body undergoes, but also vis-à-vis the environment and as an anti-aging agent.

Other uses

In some countries in the tropics, papaya juice is used to soften octopus meat for consumption. The pulp of the papaya is tasty, although a little pungent, but very full, it serves in culinary use in many ways in salads and others. The latex contained in papaya was very useful for the design of chewing gum.

Fermented papaya helps heal

Oxidative stress, antioxidant, immune system.