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avril 20, 2012
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Fermented papaya benefits and cloudy virtues Oxidizing stress


Beneficial Antioxidant, immune defenses

Fermented papaya description

The papaya is the name of this plant that produces papayas, this plant is not a tree, but rather a perennial and semi-woody herb that can grow to heights of eight meters. The trunk of the papaya tree has a green or gray bark, marked by the leaves it loses, and covered on the top with palmate leaves. The leaves have a long petiole and are green in color. The papaya has either male or female flowers which are separated on different feet, they are recognized for males by their white corolla and females by their pale yellow pistils. Papaya is its fruit and stands directly on the trunk and looks like an ovoid-shaped berry that is yellow to orange and ripe yellowish green and can grow up to 10kg, with seeds inside gray. The whole papaya has the capacity to contain a white latex.


The papaya tree was born in the warm regions of Mexico and Central America, it is now planted in countries with a hot, and slightly humid climate, in Asia with Malaysia, as well as Thailand and the Philippines, but also in Brazil in the West Indies, and in Africa.

Fermented papaya is obtained by a process of extracting the pulp of papaya, then fermenting with alcohol for several months and finally drying it into a white powder.

Fermented papaya its composition

Fermented papaya contains many components, it is rich in various vitamins, with vitamin A, vitamin B5 and vitamin B9, but also vitamin C, and an important source of vitamin E.

It doesn't stop there, fermented papaya includes different antioxidants with catechin, which includes carotenoids with beta-cryptoxanthin and also lycopene which are both yellow to red pigments.

Fermented papaya contains dietary fiber and potassium and several samino acids.

Buy fermented papaya 120 capsules

Fermented papaya and its medicinal benefits and virtues

Fermented papaya takes its place in the medical scientific community around the world and which certifies it of the most interesting therapeutic virtues for human health.

By its high content of various antioxidants, fermented papaya provides protection in the various fields of oxidative stress and all the interactions that can damage the many cells and organs of our body in their fight against the effects of tobacco, but alcohol too, and outdoor pollution.

Fermented papaya is ideal in the search for protection of the immune system, in fact by taking a supplement, it strengthens the immune defenses against all the attacks that the body undergoes, such as diseases, but also vis -to the environment and as anti-aging.

Other uses

In some countries located in tropical regions, papaya juice is used to soften octopus meat for consumption. The pulp of the papaya is tasty, if a bit pungent, but very full, it is used in culinary use in many ways in salads and more. The latex contained in the papaya was very useful in the design of the chewing gum.

Fermented papaya helps and heals

Oxidative stress, antioxidant, immune defenses.

Influenza A (H1N1): how to strengthen your immune system?

French professor Luc Montagnier explained that he himself takes "fermented papaya regularly", stressing: "For more than 15 years, I no longer catch the seasonal flu.

ROME - French professor Luc Montagnier, co-winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2008, said in an interview with an Italian daily that we must already "prepare our immune systems" for the H1N1 flu .

"With the onset of the cold, the measures adopted so far will not be sufficient. While waiting for the vaccine, we must already seriously prepare our immune system, knowing that at the right time, no one will be able to avoid vaccination, "Montagnier told Italian daily Il Giornale.

For Professor Montagnier, young people are particularly at risk, because "it is precisely young people who have often been very numerous to avoid being vaccinated and therefore do not have an immune system ready to defend itself against a new virus ".

Without vaccination, young people "can get sick from an abnormal reaction of the immune system called a 'cytokine storm', a substance usually produced by the body" to respond to attacks by the immune system, a he noted. "Who is in contact with completely new viruses, even being young and strong can end up with a disproportionate diffusion of cytokines which can provoke an excessive immune reaction capable of damaging the tissues concerned, in this case the lungs", noted Professor Montagnier.

According to him, to limit the spread of the virus, "we must not neglect any means of control" including by combining natural plant-based products with specific drugs and vaccination.

He explained that he himself takes "fermented papaya on a regular basis", emphasizing: "For over 15 years, I no longer catch the" seasonal flu.

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