Cranberry cystitis, cranberries against urinary tract infection

mai 1, 2012
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Cranberry Disorders Caries, kidney stones

Diseases Urinary tract infections, cystitis, infection, cardiovascular disease

Beneficial Depurative, immune defenses

Cranberry description

She is a relative of the blueberry. It is a perennial shrub, which reaches only a height of about thirty centimeters. Its branches are very thin and long, to which are hung very elongated evergreen leaves, dark green in color which turn bronze from the primas of winter. The flowers of the cranberry are pink and shaped like tiny oval bells. They appear in spring and give way to fruits, small spherical red berries, from summer. The small berries of the are dark red and are only 1 to 2 cm in diameter, and the taste is slightly tart and harsh. If one takes care of the cranberry, it can reach the age of one hundred.

Cranberry culture

It grows spontaneously in Europe in waterlogged peatlands in all regions where the temperature is low. The world's largest producers of cranberries are North America and more specifically Canada, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and even Washington, but it is also grown in Argentina and Chile in small quantities. For the culture, it is necessary to bring it quantities of water in order to protect it from the cold and also from the sand. This shrub is covered with water, it is harvested in the fall, for this, the plants are beaten so that the berries fall and thus float on the surface of the water and are gathered by means of dams.

Cranberry its composition

The cranberry was the subject of clinical studies which demonstrated and recognized as such by all scientists as being the fruit with the most antioxidant activities.

Cranberries contain different categories of flavonoids, including anthocyanins which bring the red tint, flavonols and also type A proanthocyanins which are the guardians against E. coli bacteria (urinary tract infections).

cranberry also contains polyphenols including resveratrol, which has the sole objective of preventing the oxidation of LDL lipoproteins.

cranberry contains a sufficient amount of ursolic acid, this element is part of the pentacyclic triterpenes and which have the ability to eliminate the multiplication of certain cancer cells.

cranberry is also made up of dietary fiber, as well as omega-3s and is an important source of vitamin C.

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Its medicinal virtues

The cranberry has the most qualified medicinal virtues for its content in antioxidants, which prevents the proliferation and eradicates the free radicals responsible for certain cancers and all kinds of heart problems and other diseases.

cranberry is a first-class preventive against urinary tract infections such as cystitis, in fact, after numerous medicinal studies, scientists recognize its specific action, preventing all adhesions of the different bacteria responsible for infection, such as the E. coli bacteria to attach themselves to the urinary walls, and therefore they will be automatically eliminated by natural means. Recognized for these therapeutic qualities against urinary bacteria by AFSSA (French food safety agency).

The cranberry has the property of being a cardioprotector, by its anti-thickening action on the walls of the arteries which are responsible for atherosclerosis, and also by opposing bad cholesterol, and while improving the dilations and contractions of blood vessels.

In oral infections, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which are inflammations of the gums, it has been established that cranberry allows the prevention and eradication of these different infections thanks to its antioxidant component which is the proanthocyanidin. It was also studied and affirmed by all the protective value of cranberry against dental caries.

It has also been shown that cranberry has a formidable effectiveness in kidney stones by its effect given to its acidifying effect on urine, it dissolves stones such as apatites, brushites and struvites, and allows their elimination.

Other uses

The cranberry is a fruit that enters into many culinary uses, pastries, savory dishes, various fruit juices, also in sauce, for example in muffins. Did you know that among Americans, they cook the cranberry turkey which is part of this country's traditions on Thanksgiving.

Cranberry helps and heals

Urinary tract infections, cystitis, infection, depurative, immune defenses, cavities, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones.