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mai 3, 2010

Immune defense

The immune system, having good immunity, all of this can seem off-putting, but if we take a closer look, we are wrong, nothing will work if our system is failing.

Small daily hassles make us fragile and we are permeable in the face of various diseases, whether they are benign or even fatal. In this, our health and our immunity go hand in hand, and each other.

It is high time to open your eyes and stop deluding yourself that medical science can guarantee good health.

It is true that it is an essential tool in the comfort of life, facing declared diseases such as AIDS (triple therapy), or cancer (chemotherapy), but we must know that it weakens our system immune system and we must therefore take responsibility for the attitude to have in order to maintain good health.

Our body needs to defend itself, but in a more natural way, the proper functioning of immune cells depends on our health. We need to restore our immune defenses in a healthier way, in this, a complementary approach is a better, good solution.

We breathe more than ten thousand liters of air every day which can contain thousands of bacteria, viruses or fungal spores, and they are much more virulent in winter, and our body has the duty to fight them and to eliminate them. For this, we have a most natural alternative, plants. They help our immune defenses in their daily struggles without depriving or replacing them.

Protect your immunity, thanks to the "immune defense" food supplement, because it is an essential complex comprising 6 active and natural nutrients and 3 essential vitamins concentrated in one capsule.

An all-in-one immune defense complex:

Immune defenses

Immune Defenses Immune Defense is essentially composed of grapefruit seed extract, shitake mushroom extract, echinacea, as well as zinc gluconate, propolis extract, and vitamin C, A, E.

• Grapefruit Seed Extract: Grapefruit seed extract is a nutrient known as a natural antibiotic, for its ability to eliminate many kinds of microorganisms harmful to your health. Indeed, it supports your metabolism and it is ideal for the changes of seasons. It has a powerful and fast action and above all, it does not destroy the bacteria necessary for your body (unlike chemical antibiotics).

• Shitake or shiitake: Scientific studies have shown that the shitake mushroom is a “carrier of life”, because these properties are indisputable, indeed it is a stimulant of the immune system and an exceptional anti viral. It strengthens the immune system and supports good cholesterol.

• Echinacea: Echinacea is an immunostimulant (which amplifies the body's defense reactions), and an immunomodulator (stimulates the body's immune system reactions), it is effective in preventing upper respiratory tract infections (nose, throat, larynx) and a tonic against winter aggressions such as the flu, and colds.

• Zinc: Zinc is a trace element that plays an important role in the immune response. It is needed in more than 300 enzymatic processes vital to the body. Indeed in today's society, trace element deficiencies are common and therefore immune weaknesses increase, while the body needs very little zinc, but this intake is essential.

• Propolis: Propolis is an important nutrient to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections, and especially combined with echinacea and vitamin C, it increases their beneficial action tenfold against the number and severity of respiratory infections .

• Vitamins A, C, E: The contributions of different vitamins A, C, E will allow this essential complex, the immune defense to protect and boost your body against this multitude of bacteria, viruses and others, and so provide your immune system with essential nutrients for well-being.

Immune system strengthened its immune system

The immune system is probably our best partner. Your immunity and your health are strongly linked, taking care of yourself means improving your health and therefore your immunity and vice versa. Immune weakness is not easily detected. Not all of us have a strong immune system, especially as it weakens with age.

Winter is knocking on our doorstep, and with it cold and flu season is coming back again.

Reduce the number of days spent in bed shivering under the covers.

The immune system is probably our best partner against winter ailments. In a way, we can imagine it as our healing force. It is he who ensures the fight against common infections in the cold season, such as colds and flu, but also against long battles. Your immunity and your health are strongly linked, taking care of yourself means improving your health and therefore your immunity and vice versa.


Weak immune system is not easily detected. Here are some signs anyway:

Persistent fatigue, which often hides stress or a lack of sleep, two factors that weaken immunity;

increased susceptibility to infections, seen with frequent colds, urinary tract infections, herpes attacks, recurrent vaginitis, etc .;

Wounds that take time to heal or heal;

Risk factors.

Risk factors are often aging, sedentary lifestyle, overtraining, lack of sleep, stress, exposure through the use of household cleaning products, exposure to outdoor and indoor air pollutants homes (mold, bacteria, tobacco and combustion gases), but above all and usually malnutrition.

Not all of us have a strong immune system, especially as it weakens with age. In addition, we have entered an era where diseases affecting the immune system are on the rise, hence the interest in learning about how it works and how to stimulate it.

How to boost your immune system?

In prevention:

Getting a seven-hour night's sleep is a minimum, controlling your stress as much as possible, do not smoke (or reduce), use household products with as little chemicals as possible and above all eat the healthiest possible diet.

It is also possible and recommended to include supplements with your diet that will help fight infections that may appear and thus strengthen your immune system.

Ginseng (Panax Ginseng). Ginseng is used especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a general tonic, helping to improve a host of physiological functions, including immune functions.

Live brewer's yeast - probiotics. Lactic acid bacteria, also called probiotics, are bacteria that are beneficial for the body and make up the intestinal and vaginal flora. Against respiratory system infections.

Multivitamins and minerals Vitamins and minerals are essential elements for growth and the maintenance of vital balance. They therefore also help to keep the immune system in good condition.

Grapefruit seed extract (EPP) for internal and external use

Grapefruit seed extract is very effective as a treatment for intestinal dysfunction and colds.

Cranberry: Cranberry rich in vitamin C, helps prevent urinary tract infections like cystitis. It also helps in cleaning the kidneys thanks to phenolic acids.

Propolis: by its antiseptic, bactericidal, antiviral and anti-infectious properties, propolis relieves winter ailments. It also helps stimulate the body's defenses.

Acerola: acerola is the anti-infective par excellence, to be taken as a preventive measure in the event of an influenza epidemic (for example) or as a curative measure, once the disease has been declared.

Acerola is an immunostimulant which strengthens the body's defenses against microbes and viruses by activating the synthesis of antibodies.

Anti stress: Stress, anxiety and sleep disturbances can be reduced by a number of herbs. This complex will allow you to find calm and serenity.

Hawthorn, hops, passionflower, orange blossom, and valerian, these plants will allow you to find calm and serenity and thus soothe you.

Ideal at the start of the season, Acerola, Ginseng, Cranberry, Propolis, the plant serenity complex, brewer's yeast, the multi-vitamin and mineral complex, and the grapefruit seed extract will help you to strengthen your immune defenses.

For your comfort and daily tone, guarana, maca, ginseng, ginger, and spirulina will be of great help to you.