Evening primrose oil ovulation, painful periods

juin 19, 2012
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Evening primrose oil disorders Eczema, menstruation, mastalgia, Raynaud's syndrome, Huntington's chorea, menopause, fatigue, Gougerot-Sjögren syndrome

Diseases Arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, osteoporosis

Beneficial Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic


The evening primrose is a tall plant, it can grow to almost four feet, and flowers twice a year. The evening primrose has large, swollen roots topped by an angular stem and has numerous red spots. The leaves are hairy, spearhead-like, slightly wavy. The spiky flowers of the evening primrose have 4 petals each and a sulfur yellow tint and are large in size. While the fruits look like a long, rather thick capsule and contain over six hundred tiny seeds.

Evening primrose oil culture

The evening primrose originated in the plains of North America, then it has spread to almost every temperate place in the world, so it is found throughout Europe. Evening primrose has a preference for all sandy and wasteland, but also along paths, dunes, and near railroad tracks, it is also found in many gardens for the aesthetics of these flowers.

Evening primrose oil its composition

The oil that is extracted and more precisely from the seeds, contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids with linoleic acid and oleic acid and its particularity is to also contain a gammalinoleic acid, l omega-6, and that in large quantities.

Evening primrose oil also includes fiber, tannins, but also proteins and minerals.

Its medicinal virtues

Evening primrose oil is one of the most interesting for its diversity of compounds that are beneficial for treating many health problems.

Evening primrose oil is ideal for inflammatory arthritis disorders, by its action it relieves and brings back joint flexibility proven by numerous medical trials.

In many countries it is used for skin problems like eczema, medicinal publications support its use for this treatment.

Many studies have updated the virtues of evening primrose oil for all disorders related to menstruation, it allows a clear reduction in breast pain (mastalgia) while relieving symptoms.

It decreases and relieves the progression of diabetic neuropathy, which is a painful degeneration of the nerves, a disease that can sometimes be associated with diabetes.

But it does not stop only with these health problems, it is to be specified that it is also beneficial to treat or relieve people suffering from Raynaud's syndrome, but also from Huntington's chorea syndrome, in disorders associated with osteoporosis, Gougerot-sjögren syndrome, and chronic fatigue.

Buy evening primrose oil 120 capsules

Other uses

The roots are often used in cooking, if they are boiled or preserved in vinegar, they can be strongly appreciated in the various salads with which they will be associated. The oil extracted from evening primrose is also used in various cosmetic products, such as for hair, nails, skin.

Evening primrose oil helps and heals

Eczema, menstruation, mastalgia, Raynaud's syndrome, Huntington's chorea, menopause, fatigue, Gougerot-sjögren syndrome, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, rheumatoid arthritis.

Evening primrose oil and the menstrual cycle - Evening primrose oil for premenstrual syndrome

It is useful to decrease, reduce the unpleasant symptoms related to the menstrual cycle. In addition, evening primrose oil by these established fatty acids, participate in balancing or rebalancing the cholesterol level. It is indicated for the balance of the nervous system, and immune defenses.

Evening primrose oil and the menstrual cycle

The evening primrose or oethera biennis is a plant with beautiful and large yellow flowers, which grows commonly in temperate regions, most often near ponds, such as for example at the edge of ponds in Languedoc.

In herbal medicine, it is the oil extracted from the seed that is used, cold pressed this oil is very rich in EFAs, hear Essential Fatty Acids. Evening primrose oil contains more than 72% linoleic acid and not less than 10% gamma linoleic acids. These acids are well known as being precursors of prostaglandins, prostaglandins which are substances acting in the menstrual cycle.

The most recent studies have shown that by taking evening primrose oil during the second half of the cycle, PMS was clearly reduced, as well as all its known inconveniences, such as: breast tension, depression, irritability, abdominal pain, headache and fluid retention.

These scientific results should not leave indifferent those who, each month, are plagued by these rather annoying inconveniences in their daily life. In regular intake, evening primrose oil is also effective and beneficial at the cardiovascular level, in fact, gamma linoleic acid is an excellent regulator of blood pressure, blood cholesterol and platelet aggregation.