Desmodium adscendens hepatitis, liver, chemotherapy

juin 19, 2012
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Desmodium fight and defend your liver, stimulates your liver defenses in a natural way, against asthma, liver disorders, bronchitis, muscle spasms ...

Desmodium adscendens disorders Migraine Diseases Hepatitis, asthma Beneficial Antispasmodic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory

2Desmodium adscendens description

Desmodium adscendens is a biennial herbaceous plant (whose life cycle spans two years) and which in its natural state tends to use the support of neighboring trees to climb or even crawl on the ground . It can reach heights varying between fifty to one meter fifty. The leaves are more or less dotted with small applied hairs and consist of three leaflets. While the desmodium flowers are white to purple in color. As for the fruit of desmodium, it looks like a green pod of elongated and hairy and articulated shape and always comes in a duo.

Desmodium adscendens culture

Desmodium adscendens is a plant located in the periphery of the equator, in Africa mainly on the West Coast as well as South America and more precisely in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana, it is also found in India. Desmodium likes humid and hot climates. It should be noted that desmodium has a preference for attaching to oil palms and cocoa trees.

Desmodium adscendens its composition

Desmodium adscendens contains triterpenoids saponosides with class 1 and class 3 soyasaponins as well as class 1 dehydrosoyasaponin. Desmodium also contains other elements such as flavonoids with isoflavones which are flavonic compounds that come from flavonol and flavone. There are also anthocyanins comprising pelargonidin, isoquinoleic alkaloids with tetrahydroisoquinolines as well as tryptamine derivatives.

Desmodium adscendens and its medicinal virtues

Desmodium adscendens Hepato-protector. Desmodium is above all a plant whose primary objective is to protect the liver, it is a reference in the treatment of viral hepatitis. Desmodium works by reducing the marker of liver damage called transaminases. As soon as the liver is attacked by an external element such as viruses, alcohol or by a drug such as chemotherapy, desmodium proves its therapeutic utility by combating and regenerating liver cells. Numerous medicinal studies have certified the hepato-protective properties of desmodium. Desmodium adscendens is ideally recommended for its antiasthmatic nature, it opposes negative substances which are naturally secreted by the body during the phases of asthma attack. Desmodium will work by relaxing the tissues of the lungs and stopping the pulmonary contractions, this action occurs quickly in one to two minutes. Desmodium adscendens is essential in the prevention of seasonal allergies, in fact, it acts on bronchial muscle contractions in cases of hay fever and all other allergies of the same kind, by its relaxing action of this organ. Desmodium relieves various inflammations due to contractures, as well as muscle cramps and aches while increasing recovery time, it is beneficial in lower back pain, as well as to relieve people with migraine.

Other uses

Desmodium has no other activity than that recommended in medicine, but it is good to know that it has been used for a very long time by African peoples in medicinal practices identical to that identified and recognized to date.

Buy desmodium adscendens 120 capsules

Help and heal

Migraine, hepatitis, chemotherapy, alcoholism, antispasmodic, anti-allergic, asthma, anti-inflammatory, headache, lower back pain. Desmodium hepatic protection, regenerates and protects the liver digestive disorders, excess alcohol The liver is an essential and considerable organ due to its metabolic functions in the service of energy and the protection of our body. The liver has a useful function in all the attacks that we make on our body, by the excess food or chemicals that we ingest. It is our liver that will capture, transform, and render harmless the toxins to which we may be exposed by eating, drinking or breathing. It allows the stimulation of our natural defenses and an adaptation to the climatic changes of the different seasons (spring and autumn cure). Because of the importance of this organ, the diseases that affect it are often of concern. These conditions, which can interfere with the proper functioning of our liver, are numerous and diverse. They can be due to exposure to toxins (such as alcohol), viruses (such as the hepatitis C and hepatitis B viruses), genetic abnormalities, metabolic disorders, cancerous diseases, etc. . It is therefore most important to take care of this organ, and to give it considerable help by providing a natural hepatic protector, and especially without harmful side effects for our body. It is above all a wild plant that grows naturally in equatorial Africa. It is primarily a protector of the hepatocyte (The liver contains 300 million hepatocytes endowed with a great capacity for regeneration.) And hepatic. It is therefore important in all situations where our liver is attacked by an exogenous agent such as viruses, drugs, chemotherapy and others, or an endogenous agent, that is to say the autoimmune reaction in particular . Be vigilant, and above all help your body by providing it with desmodium adscendens, the hepatic protector your liver needs, to fight and strengthen your body.