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Neopuntia - nopal

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The leaves of the Opuntia ficus indica cactus from which Neopuntia ® nopal is derived have traditionally been consumed for centuries by local populations such as South America, Southern Europe. Its status is clear: it is a food ingredient. Toxicological tests have also confirmed its perfect harmlessness.

Neopuntia ® (nopal), awarded the 2004 HIE Silver Trophy for the most innovative health ingredient , can integrate all types of food supplements. Accompanied by judicious nutritional advice (balanced diet, regular physical exercises ...), it is the natural and original asset that will boost your slimming and health formulations.

The Neopuntia ® (nopal) has a slimming action thanks to the lipophilic fibers which captures the fats of the meal and limits their assimilation. The innovative functional ingredient Neopuntia ® (nopal) is particularly interesting for reducing fat absorption and regulating lipid parameters, in particular HDL cholesterol. It has the particularity of limiting the absorption of calories from the meal. The lipids trapped in this "complex" are not assimilated by the body and are naturally eliminated.

Neopuntia ® (nopal) is a unique lipophilic fiber, it is obtained from dehydrated leaves of the Opuntia ficus-indica cactus by a patented manufacturing process that uses neither solvent nor chemical (International Patent No. PCT / FR 02/01254) developed and produced in France. It is a 100% vegetable functional ingredient, it is certified vegetarian (Vegetarian Society - UK), Kosher and Organic (ECOCERT SAS - F 32600). It is intended to be incorporated into food supplements aimed at slimming and well-being. In vitro, in vivo and clinical studies have shown its lipophilic properties and health benefits.

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Scientific data has confirmed its lipophilic properties.

Lipophilic properties of Neopuntia ®: we see its ability to attract and retain the fats in its presence. In more scientific terms, the lipophile of a compound is judged by its value in breaking down in lipids and non-polar solvents. This leads to an interaction between fats and lipophilic substances, thus eliminating excess calories.

• Hydrophic interactions between fat and insoluble fibers

• These first interactions are stabilized thanks to soluble fibers (polysaccharides) forming a stable gel at any pH.

Thanks to these original properties, Neopuntia ® helps reduce the absorption of fat ingested in the stomach.

The latest clinical study done on Neopuntia ® revealed a positive effect on blood lipid parameters:

• Neopuntia ® decreases the bio-availability of fatty acids by around 28%

• The lipophilic capacity of Neopuntia ® is clearly superior to that of chitosan

• A pilot clinical study also suggests that 1.6 g of Neopuntia ® per meal increases fat excretion by 27% on average, compared to placebo.

To be more precise, Neopuntia ®, as soon as it is ingested during a meal, acts on the fats which rise to the surface. The insoluble fibers of Neopuntia ® fix dietary lipids in the stomach thanks to lipophilic interactions and create a large fat / fiber complex, then the soluble polysaccharides of Neopuntia ® form a gel, whatever the pH, thus avoiding release. of fat through the cell walls of the intestine. Preliminary studies suggest that the action of Neopuntia ® would prevent pancreatic lipases from breaking up molecules into smaller fractions.