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Olivier cholesterol diabetes high blood pressure

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Medicinal olive leaf:

The olive leaf medicinal plant for high blood pressure, diabetes, headache, urine output, blood urea, cholesterol and also the antioxidant olive tree.

Herpes disorders, headache

Diseases High blood pressure

Beneficial Diabetes, cholesterol, immune defenses, diuretic, diuresis, hypoglycaemia

Olive tree description

It is a mythical tree, with its gnarled and twisted trunk, and hard, it can grow up to twenty meters high and has a long lifespan. The olive tree has small, elongated, opposite leaves that curl at the edges and are dark green on the upper side and lighter to silvery on the inside. The flowers have four oval petals and are white in color, they gather in small clusters. The fruit of the olive tree is of course the unforgettable olive which will turn green and darken and turn to a beautiful black when ripe

The olive tree culture

It took root throughout the Mediterranean basin, it is essential that the temperatures are warm, sunny and with a preference for dry climates. This world-famous olive tree is very widespread, the first producer is Spain, then comes from Italy, and Greece. It is also cultivated in Portugal, France, Croatia, then also in Slovenia, and on the other side of the Mediterranean, we find Tunisia, Morocco, and all the countries of North Africa as well as those of the Middle -East. California and Chile also operate it. The agriculture of the olive tree is called olive cultivation.

Olive leaf composition

The leaves contain different components including a major constituent that is oleuropein, as well as triterpenes such as oleanolic, crataegolide acid and ursolic acid, but also flavonoids, hesperidin, rutin, apigenin, quercetin and kaemferol. But also phenol acids with caffeic acid and tannins.

While the olive of course contains an oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acid oleic acid, but also omega-6 and omega-3, and palmitic acids, sterols, beta sitosterol, triterpenes and pigments with finally a bitter principle.

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Medicinal olive leaves

The leaves of the olive tree are established as a herbal remedy for high blood pressure and more specifically in keeping blood pressure at a consistent level. Therefore by lowering the peaks of tension, the leaves help reduce headaches, this restores the development of good circulation by dilating the arteries.

The leaves of the olive tree are diuretic which helps reduce edema and blood urea levels.

Studies have shown that olive leaves are mildly hypoglycemic, increasing the secretions of pancreatic cells of insulin. The role of olive leaves should be emphasized in lowering bad LDL cholesterol.

Olive leaves also have other virtues, they have diuretic effects which make them essential in certain pharmaceutical compositions, as well as by its important antioxidant properties which make it possible to fight infections, beneficial for the defenses of the immune system. p>

Other use

The olive tree is a very old tree, at least 3,500 BC, it is said that the olive tree is the representation of longevity, wisdom, hope and above all peace. Its branch is synonymous with forgiveness, but also with victory. Its oil is highly appreciated by Mediterranean people, and it is spread around the world.

Help and heal

Herpes, headache, arterial hypertension, heart problems, infections, cholesterol, immune system, diuretic, diuresis, hypoglycaemia