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Cocoa antioxidant virtues, cardio-stimulants, asthma

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Cocoa disorder Depression, depression

Diseases Asthma, cardiovascular problems

Beneficial Antioxidant, diuretic

Cocoa description

Cocoa comes from the cocoa tree or also called the cocoa tree, it is a small tree measuring barely more than fifteen meters high and whose evergreen leaves are present throughout the year. This tree does not give flowers until its third year, white or pink in color, only 1 flower in 500 gives a fruit even if annually it can give more flowers. The fruit of the cocoa tree is a pod, a sort of huge berry of elongated shape and can weigh up to 400 grams and measure nearly 20 centimeters long, green in color they end up taking a yellow, red or orange tint depending on the color. variety of cocoa. This fruit contains nearly 75 seeds called cocoa beans.

Cocoa culture

Cocoa is native to Mexico, its cultivation has spread to Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon) to America (Brazil, Ecuador) as well as Asia ( Indonesia, and Malaysia). It prefers hot and humid tropical climates and well protected from the sun.

Cocoa its composition

Cocoa consists mainly of xanthine with theobromine, flavonoids, phenylethylamine, endorphins and polyphenols.

Cocoa and its medicinal virtues

Cocoa was already consumed for its therapeutic virtues by the Aztecs, it has antioxidant, diuretic and slightly antidepressant properties.

The benefits of cocoa act on the cardiac and respiratory system, by stimulating smooth muscles and kidneys, it increases muscle performance, and optimizes respiratory volume. Several studies (from 2009 to 2011) define it as preventive certain cardiovascular diseases. In addition, cocoa is popular with asthma medication, for its vasodilator effect, and it is recommended in endurance sports for its increase in respiratory capacity.

Cocoa stimulates the nervous system, and often recommend in cases of minor depression or depression.

Other uses

Of course, young and old alike appreciate the many other uses of cocoa in food, whether in powder in milk, in tablets, in confectionery, in butter and in alcohol (cocoa liquor), etc.

Help to heal

Depression, depression, asthma, cardiovascular problem, antioxidant, diuretic.

The virtues of chocolate (cocoa)

Chocolate (cocoa), chocolate is actually one of the least recognized beneficial foods. Chocolate also contains fluoride which helps whiten teeth, as well as phosphate which attacks acids formed by sugars. It contains serotonin, a substance that plays an important role in regulating sleep, moods, sexuality and appetite.

Too often thought of as a very popular simple treat at Easter, chocolate is in fact a real beneficial food. This is especially the case with dark chocolate, which contains several enriching and nourishing substances for the human body.

Surprisingly, dark chocolate does not contain a lot of sugar, in fact it is less sweet than a slice of white bread. It is even possible to make chocolate without sugar, although purists do not give it the title of "real chocolate". Dark chocolate also contains fluoride which helps whiten teeth, as well as phosphate which attacks acids formed by sugars. However, not only does it not contain a lot of sugar, but it also helps prevent cavities.

Chocolate also has antidepressant effects. In fact, it contains serotonin, a substance that plays an important role in regulating sleep, moods, sexuality, and appetite. Serotonin is also responsible for the feeling of satisfaction felt after a job done, which is why chocolate is often associated with a reward to be enjoyed in a moment of relaxation.

Dark chocolate hardly contains any bad cholesterol, in fact, instead it has fatty acids which have a positive effect on good cholesterol. Consume as dark as possible, it also helps to promote blood flow, as well as to protect against the harmful effects of hypertension.

More and more, chocolate is even used for body care. It is possible to perform massages with chocolate oils, or even chocolate baths to soften the skin. For several years now, several cosmetic products have been made from cocoa butter.

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Ginseng and Cocoa

The 100% vegetable and natural Ginseng is a solution, it brings vigor and tonicity, it is a stimulant and a tonic, for the pleasure, the softness, the voluptuousness, aphrodisiac and a good general tonic of the organism.

Nowadays, in this modern world where humans think they have solved most of their problems, some continue to affect men and women. The search for sexual well-being, physical and intellectual performance. But it is difficult if not impossible to find all the solutions for total self-optimization because of stress, work or lack of work, money, etc.

It is true that man is constantly experimenting with different chemicals or various methods to achieve this, yet nature is around us ready to help us in the search for well-being. This is why the 100% vegetable and natural cocoa ginseng complex is a solution that brings vigor and tone, it is a stimulant and a tonic, for pleasure, softness, voluptuousness, aphrodisiac and a good tonic. general of the organization.

Ginseng is a perennial plant that grows in Northeast Asia, it mainly uses the root of ginseng (the rhizome), while cocoa is a bean that comes from the cocoa tree that is grown mainly in warm regions of Central America and especially equatorial Africa.

Ginseng and Cocoa: Stimulant and general tonic:

Cocoa's reputation as a sexual stimulant is widely recognized. Cocoa contains a whole series of alkaloid substances (from the caffeine family) having both stimulating, relaxing and even euphoric effects.

Ginseng is a vigorous plant, its root is recognized for its toning and aphrodisiac properties.

Ginseng root is an adaptogen that works with the body to overcome stress, it also stimulates the nervous and intellectual system and develops physical resistance.

Ginseng is remarkable as a tonic in case of fatigue and during convalescence, it stimulates the body's natural defenses.

The variety we use is Ginseng Panax C.A. Meyer.

Cocoa contains endorphins which are stimulating and euphoric for general well-being.

The cocoa bean contains antioxidants that are beneficial for the proper functioning of the body.

Cocoa contains substances called methylxanthines, which act psycho and cardio-stimulants, diuretics and vasodilators.

Cocoa also contains theobromine, an essential stimulant of muscles as well as kidney function.

The cocoa ginseng complex will provide important help for erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, this complex is a stimulant and a general tonic, whether psychological, intellectual and physical.

Sexually exciting cocoa!

Cocoa's reputation as a sexual stimulant is widely recognized, but not yet demonstrated. However, it may not be as spoofed as you might think.

In fact, cocoa contains a whole series of alkaloid substances (from the caffeine family) having both stimulating, relaxing and even euphoric effects.