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Chondroitin disorders Joint pain, mild or moderate osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis


Beneficial Anti-inflammatory

Chondroitin description

More precisely, chondroitin sulfate is an essential element (polysaccharide) present in connective tissue, it is by definition a component of the matrix of the cartilage of the joints located at the junction between two bones, or in the walls of the arteries , as well as in the dermis and cornea. It is the association of two molecules practically similar to sugar and linked to each other and this glycosaminoglycan or GAG is naturally made by the body, but over time the body makes less and of lesser quality and l The body as it ages needs it more and more.

Chondroitin the source

It was discovered almost fifty years ago in 1960. Different sources of chondroitin exist, the most important being shark cartilage, there are others from the marine environment the extract of shellfish, crustaceans as well as fish bones.

Chondroitin its composition

It is made entirely of chondroitin sulfate and nothing else.

 Buy chondroitin 120 capsules

Chondroitin and its medicinal properties

Chondroitin is an essential substance for cartilage, as it provides important support for the maintenance and formation of cartilage tissue.

Various studies have proven its effectiveness in relieving mild to moderate osteoarthritis and its disadvantages. Its anti-inflammatory action is most important.

Combination with glucosamine (an amino acid that maintains the integrity of cartilage and joints) has also been shown to be highly effective in relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Other uses

It is only used for therapeutic use.

Help and heal

Joint pain, mild or moderate osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis


It is often used and given to animals for their relief.