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Ginseng Panax C. A. Meyer

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C. A. Meyer Panax Ginseng represents one of the pillars of the Asian and universal pharmacopoeia. Considered an excellent elixir of youth, it was reserved for Chinese emperors. Later introduced to Europe, it successfully conquered the world and today enjoys a worldwide reputation. Where does this herbaceous perennial come from? What active ingredients does it integrate? What health problems does this type of ginseng alleviate? What dosage prescriptions should you follow to better benefit from the benefits of this powerful ancient remedy?

Ginseng Panax Meyer, presentation and active ingredients

Ginseng refers to the root of the plant called Panax. This generic name derives from two Greek words " Pan " and " Akos ". It literally means " universal remedy ". Meyer panax and quinquefolium panax belong to the Araliaceae family, just like ivy.

Ginseng Panax Meyer, a thousand-year-old remedy

In Mandarin, the theme ginseng means " root man ". Asians have discovered its virtues for over 4000 years. At that time, the plant was trading at a gold price. Only emperors and feudal lords could benefit from its therapeutic benefits. This variety of panax will become more popular after its introduction in Europe around the year 1000. Its reputation quickly grew due to its tremendous efficiency. Indeed, ginseng is both a stimulant and a fortifier. It can treat or relieve a multitude of diseases.

Meyer ginseng grows naturally in the rich lands of Northeast Asia. It is cultivated in countries like China , Korea and Japan . Users should not confuse it with the American variety. These two species contain practically the same active ingredients. The difference is in the level of concentration. Meyer ginseng is much more effective. It strengthens the nervous system and relieves many ailments. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac. The multiple benefits of this natural remedy made it popular in Western countries as early as the 18th century.

Ginseng Panax Meyer, the "king of herbs"

Meyer panax ginseng is a small herbaceous perennial . It is easily identified by its palmate leaves and flowers grouped in a parasol. Its height varies between 30 and 50 centimeters. It produces a fruit called "red berry". This species develops tuberous roots that resemble ginger. Very popular in herbal medicine, it enjoys an exceptional reputation in China and around the world.

The Meyer panax has a peduncle longer than its petiole. This easily sets it apart from the panax quinquefolius , the American ginseng . The Asian variety has been used for thousands of years. It has succeeded in establishing itself as a universal medicinal plant thanks to its multiple virtues. Extracts from its roots positively impact physical functions. They also strengthen cognitive abilities. Meyer panax ginseng is consumed in several ways. It remains available as powder, tea slices, capsules, tablets, ampoules, teas, etc. It represents a very effective food for preventive and curative treatments. Some people use it to season meals .

Panax Meyer Ginseng, exceptional therapeutic virtues

The roots are the most prized part of this plant. These tubers contain a multitude of active ingredients which relieve several diseases.

  • This ginseng contains panaxosides , tetracyclic triterpene heterosides , protopanaxadiols saponosides , oil essential to monoterpenes , fatty and amino acids , polysaccharides and sterols .
  • The effectiveness of these roots can also be explained by their richness in minerals . They contain vitamins B, C and E. They also contain trace elements such as zinc, aluminum, copper, iron, arsenic, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus , silica, calcium, cobalt and manganese.
  • This herbal remedy also contains pantothenic acid , nicotinamide and drammaran .

Distributors offer white or red ginseng . These products stand out for their preparation process and the length of tuber growth. The first remedy, white, is made from the roots which have matured for 4 years. The manufacturer simply cleans and dries them before use. As for red ginseng , it is clearly more effective than the white version because of its higher rate of ginsenosides. Its production requires tubers 6 to 7 years old, previously heated and treated. This improves the conservation and concentration of their active ingredients.

Given the rarity of these roots, many distributors offer diluted or falsified extracts . Consumers should therefore be vigilant when making a purchase. Generally certified, red ginsengs made in France represent very effective products with a perfect dosage of active ingredients. Their manufacturing process optimizes the benefits of this medicinal plant. They are excellent health foods that promote well-being. A quality ginseng should have a ginsenosides level which varies between 8 and 15 mg / g.

Ginseng, a universal remedy for general well-being

This medicinal plant is a powerful adaptogen . Its effectiveness is explained by its ability to rebalance body and mind. In addition, its active ingredients promote better circulation of energy. Chinese sages have discovered for millennia the miraculous virtues of these exceptional roots. Their consumption has several benefits.

  • Ginseng strengthens the body's immune system and makes it work better. This has earned it the nickname " Plant of Vitality ". Its absorption promotes general well-being. This remedy also quickly eliminates the problems of stress, physical or mental fatigue.
  • Ginseng is an exceptional tonic plant. It works as a real stimulus . It positively impacts the nervous system and blood circulation. Its active ingredients provide energy and vitality to the body. Patients can also consume it to speed up their recovery during convalescence. The absorption of these roots also strengthens red blood cells and optimizes well-being. This is because of their ability to improve oxygenation in the body's cells.

Ginseng relieves several health problems of varying severity. The authorities of France have logically included it in the list of medicinal plants of the French pharmacopoeia . Likewise, the World Health Organization and the European Union have officially recognized its traditional use for toning weakened bodies. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of these roots on different diseases. Consuming ginseng helps keep you in good shape.

Panax Meyer Ginseng, with undeniable anti-diabetic properties

Different studies have shown that this medicinal plant helps to regulate sugar level in the blood. Scientists carried out a clinical trial (1) on a subject in 2014. They administered fermented red ginseng or placebo to 42 patients 3 times a day for 4 weeks. They had exclusively targeted people with type 2 diabetes or a blood sugar problem. Researchers noticed a drop in postprandial glucose levels and an increase in the proportion of insulin in people in the ginseng group.

During 2000, Dr. Vladimir Vuksan (1) also commissioned studies on the subject at the University of Toronto. It has been shown that taking ginseng 2 hours before a meal helps reduce blood glucose levels by 15-20%. The blood sugar lowering effect of this rhizome only occurs if the patient eats after taking the remedy. This establishes it as a true adaptogen. This discovery was a tremendous breakthrough medicinally.

Research (2) is continuing to better understand the effectiveness of ginseng against type 2 diabetes . But, the World Health Organization has already recognized as "traditional" its use to treat this disease. The American Institutes of Health have also admitted that its use against this pathology is based on good scientific evidence. The glucoregulatory impact of ginseng results from the ability of ginsenosides to boost the functioning of the pancreas. This improves the production of insulin in quality and quantity.

A benchmark immunostimulant and antioxidant

Known as the root of the sky , red ginseng boosts the functioning of the immune system. This promotes the phagocytic activity of macrophages and enhances the protection of the human organism. The components of this plant help the body to better defend itself against bacteria, infectious cells and other foreign nanoparticles. Regular consumption of ginseng greatly reduces the risk of developing respiratory illnesses or winter ailments like colds, coughs, flu, etc.

This medicinal plant therefore represents an exceptional tonic with remarkable immunostimulating effects. Its active ingredients optimize the production of human energy. Recovering patients can consume it to quickly get back to full fitness. They can combine it with guarana or royal jelly to enhance its effectiveness. Healthy people can also treat themselves to a preventative cure with red ginseng. This guarantees them general well-being.

In addition, this medicinal plant relieves and eliminates the unpleasant effects of menopause . It revitalizes and rebalances the body. This gives women the tone and vitality to more easily cope with changes in the body due to the cessation of periods and ovarian function. A study (4) carried out in 2014 confirmed the antioxidant properties of this natural remedy. 71 postmenopausal women took 3 grams of red ginseng or placebo for three months. The researchers noted an increase in the activity of antioxidant enzymes in patients who took the herbal treatment. This caused a significant decrease in stress and discomfort associated with stopping periods . Another study from Boston University (5) proved that ginseng boosts antioxidant protection by reducing free radicals .

Ginseng Panax Meyer, an effective remedy against fatigue

This medicinal plant represents an excellent general tonic . Its recurring consumption helps weakened people quickly regain vitality and fitness. This is explained by the exceptional virtues of this food.

  • Ginseng is one of the best natural stimulants for the human body. Its active ingredients have a positive impact on all organs and optimize their functioning. This establishes it as a very effective remedy against chronic fatigue.
  • Ginseng makes the immune system more efficient. Consumers are becoming more enduring and much more resilient. A study (8) has proven the benefits of this medicinal plant in terms of physical exertion. Its absorption delays the point of exhaustion during training or athletic exercise.

The effectiveness of ginseng against fatigue results from the action of ginsenosides . This remedy represents a true source of vital energy. Its consumption increases the strength and volume of the blood.

Precious ally for athletes

Many athletes regularly absorb extracts of this medicinal plant to naturally optimize their physical performance, tone and vitality. Obviously, this is not among the prohibited doping products. But, it has multiple benefits in terms of sport.

  • High level professionals consume it to improve concentration , reactivity and endurance . This concerns almost all disciplines such as boxing, judo, martial arts, football, basketball, tennis, squash, handball or badminton.
  • This medicinal plant also promotes optimal muscle recovery (9) after intense exercise. It considerably reduces the oxidative stress resulting from efforts during training. It remains very popular for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Different studies have confirmed its effectiveness in sports. Russian Professor BREKHMAN has carried out important work to establish a link between physical performance and ginseng. He has proven that soldiers who ingest the herbal medicine an hour and a half before a run get ahead of other participants. Better, they recovered faster.

Studies by Van Schepdael and Dr Forgo have shown that ginseng improves breathing and oxygen supply in athletes. They also observed that the active ingredients of this plant considerably reduce the production of lactic acid in muscles subjected to prolonged exertion. This reduces the risk of cramps, contractions, etc. In addition, research by German Professor Ruckaert has shown that absorption of ginseng improves heart rate and VO2 Max in athletes .
"VO2max (V for" volume ", O2 for" oxygen ", max for" maximum ") is the abbreviation of" maximum oxygen consumption ". It represents the maximum flow of oxygen that the body can consume during In other words, it is the maximum amount of oxygen that the body is able to extract from the air, then transport to the muscle fibers during an exercise. " (source

Cognitive functions, a mental tonic

This medicinal plant has a positive impact on the intellectual faculties . Its therapeutic components operate in the heart of neurons. Its recurrent consumption optimizes the functioning of the meninges.

  • Ginseng generates electrical overactivity in the cells of the cerebral cortex . It therefore promotes a considerable improvement in reasoning and memorizing skills. A study published by Professor Petkov revealed that this remedy directly impacts monoamines in the brain. This medicinal plant optimizes cognitive capacities and intellectual concentration . According to scientific work, learners perform better on mathematical calculations and experience less mental fatigue when they consume ginseng regularly.
  • Studies by Dr Medvedev and Professor Sandberg have shown that this medicinal plant promotes excellent oxygenation of neurons and an improvement in cognitive functions. This is because of its ability to optimize blood flow to the brain. In addition, the ginsenoside Rg1 in this remedy stimulates the central nervous system to eliminate mental fatigue and boost brain performance. Logically, the World Health Organization and the European scientific cooperation in phytotherapy have validated the effectiveness of ginseng against psychological problems.
  • Recurrent consumption of Ginseng can slow cognitive aging . Adults should treat themselves to at least two cures per year.

A powerful antidepressant

This medicinal plant helps the body to manage stress better thanks to its components such as saponins and ginsenosides. Its effectiveness results mainly from its cortisol-like action similar to that of cortisone. This is because of its rather exceptional adaptogenic properties. Concretely, ginseng helps regulate the production of adrenaline to quickly reduce stress and its consequences.

In addition, this medicinal plant relieves depression. It is also a good remedy for problems with memory, attention and mood. The best way to take full advantage of healthful ginseng is to treat yourself periodically. This is very effective in preventing stress or burnout. It also protects against a multitude of diseases. Consumers of this remedy can stay in great shape both physically and mentally.

Ginseng Panax Meyer, a natural aphrodisiac

The great reputation of this medicinal plant is also explained by its ability to correct erectile problems . It quickly restores sexual function in both men and women. Absorption of red ginseng causes an increase in nitric oxide and greatly improves vasodilation. This stimulates the flow of blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis and vagina. To fully benefit from the aphrodisiac benefits of this medicinal plant. Products rich in ginsenosides should be preferred.

Traditional Chinese medicine (12) and various studies have confirmed the virtues of red ginseng as a sexual stimulant.

  • In 1996 scientists carried out clinical trials on the issue in Italy. 90 men with severe erection problems took part in the experiment. 60% of people who received treatment with this herbal medicine saw a dramatic improvement in their libido. Research published in 2017 (13) reached similar conclusions.
  • A study unveiled by the International Journal of Impotence Research in 2012 (13) demonstrated the action of ginseng on impotence and loss of erectile vigor. Carried out in South Korea, it involved 119 men between the ages of 20 and 70. Research has shown that consuming this herbal remedy boosts libido and delays ejaculation during intercourse.
  • Francesca Borrelli from the University of Luxembourg published a study on ginseng in the scientific journal Drugs in 2018. The trials involved a sample of 2,080 men affected by erectile dysfunction. They enabled the researcher to confirm the powerful aphrodisiac properties of this medicinal plant.

The Panax, the possibility of optimizing its therapeutic virtues

This universal remedy can be made much more effective when combined with other herbal remedies. Combinations should be made according to the desired effects.

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Ginseng and Maca, an exceptional natural aphrodisiac

Consuming such a cocktail quickly boosts libido . It allows people to become more sexually efficient in bed. These two roots have common properties. Their extracts contain active ingredients that tone, regulate the nervous system and adaptogens. Their combination turns them into a powerful and highly effective aphrodisiac.

Ginseng arouses desire and maximizes blood flow to the penis and vagina. It works like a natural viagra . As for maca, it improves hormonal production. A simultaneous treatment based on these two medicinal plants quickly optimizes performance in bed. This is accompanied by a gradual emotional rebalancing that promotes sexual harmony and a more fulfilling life as a couple.

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Ginseng Panax Meyer and Rhodiola rosea, a reinforced tone and a revitalized libido

The combination of these two adaptogenic plants increases their virtues tenfold. The mixture is a very effective remedy like emotional and oxidative stress, chronic fatigue, anxiety, etc. The combined effects of their active ingredients quickly relieve mild to moderate depression. This considerably improves cognitive functions . It also promotes physical and mental well-being without the forced recourse to the famous antidepressants.

These two plants have stimulating properties. Their components help the body easily get rid of toxins and free radicals. They provide the body with energy and tone. This provides strength to consumers and optimizes their athletic performance. The combination of ginseng and rhodiola produces a powerful natural aphrodisiac . This remedy is found to be very effective in correcting erectile dysfunction and in increasing libido. Frigid women can take it to revitalize their sex life.

People can regularly treat themselves to preventative cures based on these two adaptogenic herbs. This allows them to protect themselves from stress, burnout, etc. This trick is also effective in countering temporary depression and fatigue due to periods of high occupation.

Panax Meyer ginseng and royal jelly, exceptional therapeutic virtues

The mixture of these elements amplifies the effects of their active ingredients. Their combination provides an effective remedy for generalized chronic fatigue , overwork, depression, etc. This combination of medicinal products brings vitality, strength and energy to the body. Recovering patients can also consume it to aid the healing process.

Active people also have the opportunity to treat themselves to periodic cures to optimize their concentration as well as their physical and mental well-being. Ginseng considerably strengthens the anti-aging and antioxidant properties of royal jelly. The mixture represents a formidable elixir of youth . Recurrent intake of ginseng and royal jelly reduces your chances of developing certain illnesses.

In addition, consuming ginseng and guarana can quickly regain tone. This remedy optimizes concentration and intellectual performance. A study by Kennedy Do (14) has shown that extracts from Asian roots strengthen the role of brain stimulant of Paullinia cupana.

Panax Meyer, dosage and precautions for use

This medicinal plant has several benefits due to the multiple ginseng virtues . Its active ingredients allow you to stay in good health and optimize well-being. However, following certain rules considerably improves its efficiency.

Ginseng Panax Meyer, a tailor-made dosage

The amount to take depends on several determining parameters such as the quality of the extracts, the level of ginsenosides, the problems to be treated, the state of health of the consumer, etc. This generally varies between 600 mg and 2 g. The best tip to fully benefit from the benefits of this medicinal plant is to read the instructions carefully of the product acquired. The manufacturers provide sufficient details regarding ginseng dosages . They indicate the dosages to be respected according to the pathologies to be treated.

  • ginseng capsules are often taken before breakfast and lunch. Liquid extracts like essential oils and ampoules are also consumed on an empty stomach.
  • Some patients prefer to prepare an infusion with the roots of this medicinal plant. In this case, they prepare a herbal tea with 3 to 4 slices of these tubers. Cooking is often done in a ceramic container. They take the decoction half an hour before going to the table.

Usually, treatment lasts for 15 to 20 days 2X a year. Its duration should not exceed 3 months in a row. People should avoid any abuse of ginseng. In high doses, this remedy can cause side effects .

Ginseng Panax Meyer, taking into account contraindications

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and adolescents under the age of 18 should not consume it. This ban also applies to people affected by high blood pressure or a heart problem. Patients should also be vigilant to avoid drug combinations that may worsen their condition. They have the obligation to inform the naturopath of the specific diseases from which they suffer. Likewise, they must notify it of ongoing processing. In all cases, caution recommends taking the advice of your doctor before starting a course of Meyer panax. Other ginseng contraindications also help to better regulate the use of this medicinal plant.

  • Patients should not combine extracts from these Asian roots with anticoagulant remedies . People with hormone-dependent cancer should not use it either.
  • People with diabetes can trigger hypoglycemia by combining ginseng with other medicines or herbs such as psyllium.

The follow-up of a health professional is also necessary in the event of depression to better benefit from the benefits of this natural remedy.

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