Svetol and Neopuntia : Sveneol

nov. 13, 2009

Svetol® and Neopuntia ®: Sveneol ®

It's unlikely that there is a magic pill that dissolves unnecessary weight. However, in recent years of intensive investigation we have been able to highlight 100% vegetable substances (green coffee slimming and nopal) which effectively dissolve unnecessary weight.

The fats responsible for our superfluous curves tend to be stored on certain parts of our body. Over time, these fatty deposits modify our silhouette which gradually loses its tone. This transformation is not irremediable; advances in the scientific world have formally demonstrated the possibility of remedying these unsightly curves in a natural and effective way.

Most convincing data on plants, which are tested in clinical studies have shown results with regard to Svetol® and Neopuntia® (slimming green coffee and nopal). They are a trusted resource for effective weight loss, intended to be incorporated into dietary supplements to restore radiance and slimness to your figure.

Svetol® is a decaffeinated plant extract of green coffee (Slimming green coffee), Neopuntia® (nopal) is obtained from dehydrated leaves of the opuntia ficus-indica cactus. The combination of these two plants (Slimming green coffee and nopal) lightens your silhouette and redraws your contours harmoniously.

Fat burner

The combination of these two plants (Slimming green coffee and nopal) helps burn existing fat and prevent the appearance of new fat:

• Svetol ® (Slimming green coffee) destocks the lipid reserves already present in our body.

• Svetol ® linked to the inhibition of specific enzymes helps to act as a fat burner.

• Svetol ® (Slimming green coffee) is able to significantly reduce the level of sugar circulating in the blood after a meal.

• Chlorogenic acids, constituents naturally concentrated in Svetol ® allows an antioxidant effect on the body, notably limiting the oxidation of lipids in the liver.

• Neopuntia ® (nopal) by these lipophilic properties attracts and retains the fats placed in its presence.

• Thanks to these original properties, Neopuntia ® helps reduce the absorption of fat ingested in the stomach.

Each of its plants, Svetol and Neopuntia are 100% vegetable (Green coffee for slimming and nopal), they have scientifically demonstrated their properties for their ultra-efficient slimming action of their generation.