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Ginseng Panax C.A. Meyer reviews benefits

janvier 25, 2006
GINSENG: ginseng is a plant belonging to the panax genus of the araliaceae family ... Only the root is used in medicine and more particularly that of the variety: Panax ginseng CA Meyer whose reputation is the oldest and still...

Properties of Cranberry

mai 6, 2006
Cranberries contain different types of flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that help ... Infections of the urinary system. Cardiovascular illnesses. In general, the cardioprotective effect of cranberries ... Cranberries, and...

National week of mobilization for bone marrow donation

octobre 5, 2007
The Biomedicine Agency and all its partners - the reception centers of the French Blood Establishment and hospitals, transplant professionals and associations, including the Gaël Adolescent Espoir Leukemia association, are...

Aphrodisiac, tonic and natural sexual stimulant

novembre 9, 2009
The benefits of intercourse are numerous. Sexual activity revitalizes the entire body, tones the cardiovascular system and provides remarkable relaxation. The influence of the mind on libido is important, but equally so is that...

Neopuntia - nopal

novembre 13, 2009
Neopuntia nopal is a unique lipophilic fiber, it comes from dehydrated leaves of Opuntia ficus-indica cactus by a patented manufacturing process that does not use any solvent or chemical (International Patent No. PCT / FR...

Svetol and Neopuntia : Sveneol

novembre 13, 2009
It is unlikely that there is a magic pill that dissolves unnecessary weight. However, these last years of intensive investigation have been able to highlight 100% vegetable substances (slimming green coffee and nopal) which...

Svetol green coffee slimming

novembre 13, 2009
Decaffeinated green coffee extract, slimming green coffee for weight loss, it induces weight loss while reducing fat mass and increasing lean mass in your body

Damiana stimulates the sexual organs, a natural aphrodisiac

novembre 23, 2009
Damiana has the particularity of being recognized as an aphrodisiac in both women and men. It stimulates the sexual organs, it treats early ejaculations and strengthens the genitals in women. It is also an antidepressant, it...

Memories disorders and memory loss

décembre 1, 2009
Memories disturbances and loss of memory, loss, gap, disorder, concentration. Memory loss, memory lapses, for growing children, for intellectual stimulation, memory problems, aging disorders, and also old age fatigue.

Buy Spirulina algae virtues

février 10, 2010
Spirulina is an important source of protein, iron, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, its high nutritional value will help you get back into shape as a superfood. Spirulina is considered a superfood, is a...

Maca powder from Peru in capsules, and arginine damiana

février 10, 2010
Maca for sexuality, male fertility, anemia, menopause, constipation, stress, anxiety, insomnia, libido, immune system. Maca medicinal benefits for tuberculosis, depression, male infertility. Maca beneficial for libido,...

Body defenses

mai 3, 2010
Body defenses immune system and immune defense. Plants and minerals such as Shitake or Shiitake, Echinacea, Zinc Gluconate, Propolis, Grapefruit Seed Extract (EPP), Vitamin C, Vitamin A or Retinol, Vitamin E or Tocopherol which...

Arthritis osteoarthritis inflammation pain rheumatism

mai 3, 2010
Against your osteoarthritis, your arthritis and your joint pain as well as your rheumatism the various forms of arthritis, slowing down of osteoarthritis, joint pain, to restore proper cartilage function, a joint anti ‐...

Rhodiola stress fatigue

juillet 4, 2010
Comfortable anti-stress rhodiola, its action will be most beneficial and the energy you need. Rhodiola anti stress, energizer, energy and endurance, amenorrhea, infertility, sexual disorders and sexual performance. Rhodiola...

Griffonia simplicifolia L-5-HTP Hydroxytriptophane

juillet 13, 2010
Griffonia Simplicifolia natural antidepressant promotes emotional well-being, nervous, immune stimulant and cardiovascular protector, depression, stress, depression, lipids, fat, natural food supplements for tone and depression.

Vitamin B6 the importance of vitamin B6

octobre 14, 2010
Vitamin B6, vitamin B6, effect of vitamin B6, indication and cure. Other name pyridoxine. Help for stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, muscle pain, abnormal fatigue, daily

Acerola rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

septembre 8, 2011
Acerola very rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It treats asthenia, fatigue, anemia. Acerola helps in diseases of depression, anorexia, influenza, scurvy. Beneficial acerola for smoking cessation, also as an immune...

Pineapple excessively overweight, orange peel

septembre 13, 2011
Pineapple weight loss plant for cellulite, orange peel, excess weight, diuretics, anti-inflammatory, cellulite, water retention. Pineapple capsules based on pineapple, overweight pineapple, lose weight with pineapple, pineapple...

Artichoke benefits of artichok

septembre 15, 2011
Artichoke hard capsules Jaundice, gallstones, intestinal intoxication, obesity, gout. Infectious diseases, dermatoses, diabetes, hepatic diabetes. Beneficial Choleretic, cholagogue, diuretic. Artichoke description, artichoke...

Olivier cholesterol diabetes high blood pressure

septembre 28, 2011
The olive leaf contains oleurthorn, hydroxytyrosol and beta-sitosterol as in olive oil. The olive leaf is also capable of being a good anti-oxidant. The leaves of the olive tree for high blood pressure and blood pressure...

Garlic and hypertension, and cardioprotector

avril 2, 2012
Garlic its indication for internal use is beneficial. Garlic cholesterol, high blood pressure, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, we find garlic in capsules most often. Also it reduces complications due to diabetes.

Shark cartilage

avril 3, 2012
Shark cartilage helps stimulate the creation of cartilage and limit its degradation. It reduces joint inflammation and helps with arthritis syndromes. A natural, gentle, effective solution for the joints.

Kudzu dosage alcohol tobacco benefits

avril 4, 2012
Kudzu has virtues due to its complex composition. It has isoflavones (daïdzin, puerarin and genistein) responsible in particular for menopausal disorders and osteoporosis. Also saponosides with the preventive virtues of cell...

Live brewer's yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii, probiotics

avril 12, 2012
Live brewer's yeast, also called saccharomyces boulardii, boulardii brewer's yeast, revitalizing brewer's yeast and a probiotic. It helps the intestinal system, regenerate the intestinal flora and restructures the microflora...

Chitosan, the food supplement chitosan

avril 12, 2012
Chitosan, studies published between 2001 and 2005, demonstrate that the daily intake of chitosan has markedly accentuated the reduction of fat, which explains its presence in various slimming products. Description of chitosan,...

Nopal cactus powerful natural appetite suppressant

avril 12, 2012
Nopal is a cactus with therapeutic virtues. The nopal and an answer for slimming or weight loss diets. It also benefits intestinal transit and will restore good cholesterol as well as it will act on the ideal triglycerides for...

Guarana and caffeine, sport, memorization

avril 12, 2012
Guarana, and its medicinal virtues are used in traditional medicine to fight against fatigue and drowsiness, to improve memorization, perception and also learning. Guarana increases energy expenditure by drawing on fat and...

Natural fat burner, garcinia cambogia

avril 13, 2012
Natural appetite suppressant and fat burner, thanks to the reduction of your appetite. Garcinia Cambogia converts carbohydrates (carbohydrates) into energy and reduces absorption and therefore turns them into fat. Garcinia...

Magnesium, lack of magnesium, magnesium deficiency, stress

avril 18, 2012
Information on Magnesium, Magnesium Deficiency, Medicinal Magnesium, Magnesium Deficiency. It is essential for the organism and the body which does not naturally produce magnesium. You need a regular supply of magnesium with a...

Damiana aphrodisiacs, medicinal plants virtues

avril 19, 2012
Damiana, or damiana opinion? Medicinal plants traditionally used for these virtues and benefits as a sexual stimulant (aphrodisiac) for women and men. It also stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Damiana has other...

Rhodiola rosea, rhodiola medicinal plant for stress

avril 20, 2012
Rhodiola rosea is a medicinal plant that has the benefit of reducing stress and improving physical capacities and is very effective for athletes. Also called Rhodiola, rhodiola rosea contains rosavin (phenylpropane),...

Fermented papaya antioxidants free radicals Luc Montagnier

avril 20, 2012
Fermented papaya very rich in antioxidants and stimulates the immune system. It helps control free radicals and neutralize them, reduce oxidation or even delay them. Fermented papaya can therefore help reduce oxidative stress...

Harpagophytum, Devil's claw, anti-inflammatory arthritis

avril 25, 2012
Harpagophytum or devil's claw plant osteoarthritis, medicinal plant, is used for arthritis, gout, tendonitis, back pain, diabetes, osteoarthritis, it is an anti-inflammatory protective of cartilage (ideal with shark cartilage)....

Taurine what is taurine?

avril 25, 2012
Taurine often taken by athletes, it attenuates, reduces stress and fixes magnesium. Also taken for vegetarian diets which are often lacking in taurine (deficiency). It acts as an antioxidant, improves type 1 diabetes and...

Relaxing valerian, valerian sleep disturbances, epilepsy

avril 26, 2012
Valerian is a herbal remedy known and recognized to treat nervous restlessness, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Counselor for smoking cessation (smoking cessation), she will be of great importance. Valerian calms anxieties,...

Hops nervousness, menopause hops, medicinal hops

avril 26, 2012
Hops, hops have various medical virtues, it reduces the effects of menopause (hot flashes). It also relieves nervousness and reduces sleep disturbances like a sleeping pill. Mild hops antidepressant and calming agent reduces...

NeOpuntia, nopal cactus, captures fat

avril 27, 2012
The NeOpuntia (nopal cactus Lipophilic fiber) captures fat and limits the assimilation of fat. It regulates lipid parameters, regulates cholesterol, and reduces cardiovascular disease. Benefits of neopuntia in slimming diets,...

Stinging nettle, the benefits of nettle and virtues

avril 30, 2012
Stinging nettle and benefits, its medicinal virtues for gout, rheumatism, uric acid, leucorrhoea, urticaria, dermatosis, eczema, diabetes, menopause, edema, sciatica, improve l acne, for brittle nails, hair loss. Rich in...

Proanthocyanidin (PACs), E-coli, cystitis, OPC

mai 1, 2012
Proanthocyanidin is an antioxidant more powerful than vitamin C and whose medicinal benefits and virtues are recognized by AFSSA for the prevention against E-coli bacteria such as type P type 1 E. Coli. Cranberry titrated at 7%...

Ginkgo biloba circulation and memory concentration

mai 2, 2012
Ginkgo biloba medicinal virtues, it is a benefit for the memory, also improves the performance of the brain concentration. Ginkgo biloba, a tree with 40 crowns, treats tinnitus, headaches, dizziness, and relieves disorders...

Benefits Bilberry, eyes, heavy legs, against diarrhea

mai 2, 2012
Bilberry has benefits and effects on the eyes (ocular pathologies), thanks to these antioxidant powers and mainly on cataracts. Also, bilberry (juice) has positive effects on memory. It is beneficial in capsules for heavy legs,...

Svetol decaffeinated green coffee bean extract

mai 7, 2012
Green coffee bean extract (Green coffee beans (Coffea canephora robusta)) decaffeinated Svetol its virtues: weight loss, fat burner action demonstrated by two clinical studies on humans, antioxidant. Beneficial SVETOL® and...

Green tea, for diet, green tea fat burner

mai 7, 2012
Green tea its medicinal virtues, the best known, is its slimming action (green tea for weight loss) and tonic. It is effective in overweight and obesity. Green tea is a recognized slimming agent. The properties of green tea are...

Omega 3 properties benefits indications

mai 8, 2012
Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, with polyunsaturated fatty acids, it has important properties and benefits for reducing depression, depression ... The indications in the form of a food supplement are important during a...

Griffonia simplicifolia, against depression, fibromyalgia

mai 9, 2012
Griffonia against depression is L-5-htp increases serotonin levels. Griffonia also regulates appetite (appetite suppressant), sleep and relaxes muscles. It reduces migraines, headaches, effective without negative effect....

Ginger Benefits and Indications of sexual fatigue

mai 10, 2012
Ginger, its composition, its medicinal benefits and properties. An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory drug used for inflammatory rheumatism, arthritis. Carminative ginger, stomachic and stimulant of digestion. It is indicated in...

Methyl sulfonyl methane, MSM, osteoarthritis, joints

mai 12, 2012
Methyl sulfonyl methane, MSM relieves pain in osteoarthritis. Methyl sulfonyl methane, an essential MSM for the proper functioning of the joints in cases of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Also used in sports to heal...

Chondroitin, osteoarthritis thumb hip knee hand

mai 12, 2012
Chondroitin is the benefit of the knee, and joints against osteoarthritis and cervical osteoarthritis ... It is beneficial against pain in the knee and osteoarthritis (hand, lumbar, hip, fingers, back. ..) in engagement with...

Hawthorn hypertension, heart rhythm disturbances benefits

juin 4, 2012
Hawthorn is renowned for these benefits and recognized for its medicinal qualities as cardiac tonics and antispasmodics. Hawthorn helps regulate blood pressure while strengthening blood circulation, while treating congestive...

Shiitake immune system virus flu, cold, cholesterol

juin 4, 2012
Shiitake is above all a stimulating and restoring mushroom of the immune system. The benefits against viruses. The fungus protects against influenza and herpes, as well as measles, its action stimulates the immune system....

Glucosamine, osteoarthritis, knee, hip, cervical

juin 4, 2012
Glucosamine (carbohydrate) is the combination of glucose and an amino acid present in the body and which contributes to the formation of cartilage and its integrity. A glucosamine supplement slows down the progression of...

Grapefruit seed extract benefits EPP travel

juin 5, 2012
Grapefruit seed extract in short EPP has many properties and benefits, which make it indispensable in all first aid kits. EPP is used externally on skin disorders, all parts of the face. Grapefruit seed extract strengthens the...

Arginine erectile dysfunction, female sexual

juin 5, 2012
Benefits : L-Arginine is an amino acid that improves the results of physical tests and increases sexual performance, it is one of the amino acids (AMINO ACIDS or AMINO ACIDS) most essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Arginine L-Arginine, female erectile and sexual dysfunction

juin 5, 2012
Arginine and these benefits, is above all an amino acid which has the function of increasing sexual and sports capacities. L-arginine was recognized for its beneficial action by eliminating erectile dysfunction caused by a lack...

Skin marine collagen, hair, wrinkle collagen, joints

juin 6, 2012
Marine collagen is extracted from fish, similar to a protein, it is important for the proper maintenance of organs. Marine collagen is an effective source in aesthetics, it fills in fine lines and wrinkles and firms the...

Cocoa antioxidant virtues, cardio-stimulants, asthma

juin 18, 2012
Cocoa has important medicinal capacities, it is antioxidant and diuretic, as well as an antidepressant. Cocoa carries its action by stimulating cardiac and respiratory functions, it increases muscular prowess while optimizing...

Evening primrose oil ovulation, painful periods

juin 19, 2012
Evening primrose oil is extracted from these seeds and has many health benefits. Evening primrose oil treats inflammatory disorders due to arthritis, it soothes and brings back the flexibility of the joints. Evening primrose...

Fennel digestion benefits, bloating

juin 19, 2012
Fennel is a plant with digestive benefits, it eliminates unwanted gas and bloating, it treats indigestion disorders and stomach aches. Fennel works by stimulating appetite while effectively reducing water retention. The virtues...

Desmodium adscendens hepatitis, liver, chemotherapy

juin 19, 2012
Desmodium adscendens is specifically a hepatoprotector, its main function is to protect the liver, ideal in the treatment of viral hepatitis. The virtues of desmodium adscendens as an anti-asthma medication are effective in...

Royal jelly physical and intellectual fatigue, stress

juin 19, 2012
Royal jelly has exceptional nutritional and energetic qualities, it acts on the whole organism by strengthening it and considerably increasing all the performances of the body. The virtues of royal jelly slow down the aging of...

Chromium chloride health and slimming benefits

juillet 3, 2012
Chromium chloride and its benefits lower total cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. Chromium chloride stabilizes and regulates blood sugar levels and sensitizes the body to insulin, ideal in type 2 diabetes. Chromium...

Calcium essential benefits, calcium fixation on the bone

juillet 6, 2012
The benefit of calcium, it is the most important trace element in the body, it is essential to have a daily intake and throughout life for a consistent maintenance of the body. Maca contains it and taken with taurine and ideal....

Hydrolyzed marine elastin as a food supplement

septembre 13, 2012
Marine elastin is the important protein for the skin, hair, which gives elasticity, firmness and youthfulness to the skin, and equally to the lungs, arteries, veins and heart. A food supplement in capsules will be a good help....

Propolis spray, the properties of propolis

novembre 20, 2012
Propolis is a natural resin with exceptional therapeutic properties, it is antiseptic and bactericidal, antifungal and anti-infectious. Propolis acts by stimulating and strengthening the immune system, ideal for preventing and...

How to lower your cholesterol level

janvier 23, 2015
Red yeast rice is approved for its medicinal property as an anti-cholesterol lowering agent. The main function of red rice yeast is to reduce cholesterol and blood lipids, it slows down their production and lowers the level of...

Kudzu what are the benefits and virtues ?

janvier 14, 2021
Kudzu is considered to be an excellent ally in weaning individuals who suffer from excessive alcohol consumption. This property is ensured by the third active principle of Kudzu, Daidzein (an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial...