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Olivier cholesterol diabetes high blood pressure

septembre 28, 2011
The olive leaf contains oleurthorn, hydroxytyrosol and beta-sitosterol as in olive oil. The olive leaf is also capable of being a good anti-oxidant. The leaves of the olive tree for high blood pressure and blood pressure...

Garlic and hypertension, and cardioprotector

avril 2, 2012
Garlic its indication for internal use is beneficial. Garlic cholesterol, high blood pressure, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, we find garlic in capsules most often. Also it reduces complications due to diabetes.

Shark cartilage

avril 3, 2012
Shark cartilage helps stimulate the creation of cartilage and limit its degradation. It reduces joint inflammation and helps with arthritis syndromes. A natural, gentle, effective solution for the joints.

Kudzu dosage alcohol tobacco benefits

avril 4, 2012
Kudzu has virtues due to its complex composition. It has isoflavones (daïdzin, puerarin and genistein) responsible in particular for menopausal disorders and osteoporosis. Also saponosides with the preventive virtues of cell...

Live brewer's yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii, probiotics

avril 12, 2012
Live brewer's yeast, also called saccharomyces boulardii, boulardii brewer's yeast, revitalizing brewer's yeast and a probiotic. It helps the intestinal system, regenerate the intestinal flora and restructures the microflora...

Chitosan, the food supplement chitosan

avril 12, 2012
Chitosan, studies published between 2001 and 2005, demonstrate that the daily intake of chitosan has markedly accentuated the reduction of fat, which explains its presence in various slimming products. Description of chitosan,...

Nopal cactus powerful natural appetite suppressant

avril 12, 2012
Nopal is a cactus with therapeutic virtues. The nopal and an answer for slimming or weight loss diets. It also benefits intestinal transit and will restore good cholesterol as well as it will act on the ideal triglycerides for...

Guarana and caffeine, sport, memorization

avril 12, 2012
Guarana, and its medicinal virtues are used in traditional medicine to fight against fatigue and drowsiness, to improve memorization, perception and also learning. Guarana increases energy expenditure by drawing on fat and...

Natural fat burner, garcinia cambogia

avril 13, 2012
Natural appetite suppressant and fat burner, thanks to the reduction of your appetite. Garcinia Cambogia converts carbohydrates (carbohydrates) into energy and reduces absorption and therefore turns them into fat. Garcinia...

Magnesium, lack of magnesium, magnesium deficiency, stress

avril 18, 2012
Information on Magnesium, Magnesium Deficiency, Medicinal Magnesium, Magnesium Deficiency. It is essential for the organism and the body which does not naturally produce magnesium. You need a regular supply of magnesium with a...

Damiana aphrodisiacs, medicinal plants virtues

avril 19, 2012
Damiana, or damiana opinion? Medicinal plants traditionally used for these virtues and benefits as a sexual stimulant (aphrodisiac) for women and men. It also stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Damiana has other...

Rhodiola rosea, rhodiola medicinal plant for stress

avril 20, 2012
Rhodiola rosea is a medicinal plant that has the benefit of reducing stress and improving physical capacities and is very effective for athletes. Also called Rhodiola, rhodiola rosea contains rosavin (phenylpropane),...

Fermented papaya antioxidants free radicals Luc Montagnier

avril 20, 2012
Fermented papaya very rich in antioxidants and stimulates the immune system. It helps control free radicals and neutralize them, reduce oxidation or even delay them. Fermented papaya can therefore help reduce oxidative stress...

Harpagophytum, Devil's claw, anti-inflammatory arthritis

avril 25, 2012
Harpagophytum or devil's claw plant osteoarthritis, medicinal plant, is used for arthritis, gout, tendonitis, back pain, diabetes, osteoarthritis, it is an anti-inflammatory protective of cartilage (ideal with shark cartilage)....

Taurine what is taurine?

avril 25, 2012
Taurine often taken by athletes, it attenuates, reduces stress and fixes magnesium. Also taken for vegetarian diets which are often lacking in taurine (deficiency). It acts as an antioxidant, improves type 1 diabetes and...

Relaxing valerian, valerian sleep disturbances, epilepsy

avril 26, 2012
Valerian is a herbal remedy known and recognized to treat nervous restlessness, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Counselor for smoking cessation (smoking cessation), she will be of great importance. Valerian calms anxieties,...

Hops nervousness, menopause hops, medicinal hops

avril 26, 2012
Hops, hops have various medical virtues, it reduces the effects of menopause (hot flashes). It also relieves nervousness and reduces sleep disturbances like a sleeping pill. Mild hops antidepressant and calming agent reduces...

NeOpuntia, nopal cactus, captures fat

avril 27, 2012
The NeOpuntia (nopal cactus Lipophilic fiber) captures fat and limits the assimilation of fat. It regulates lipid parameters, regulates cholesterol, and reduces cardiovascular disease. Benefits of neopuntia in slimming diets,...