beta carotene food supplement
  • beta carotene food supplement
  • beta carotene skin
  • beta carotene sun
beta carotene food supplement
beta carotene food supplement beta carotene skin beta carotene sun

Beta Carotene Natural

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Natural Beta Carotene to prepare, activate and effectively prolong the tan while preserving the skin. Optimal dosage SUN BRONZE VEGETABLE CAPSULES Natural nutrients

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Beta Carotene Natural to effectively prepare, activate and prolong tanning while preserving the skin.

Vitamin E and Zinc help protect cells against oxidative stress.

Grape seed helps protect cells from free radical damage.

SunBronze Prepa Tanning

The SunBronze complex will allow you to prepare the skin before exposure to the sun, and limit this oxidative damage. Activate tanning by preserving the skin and prolonging the tan. True allies, this dietary supplement is composed of natural active ingredients for a beautiful skin for summer or winter in the snow.

• ANTIOXIDANT : Lycopene, natural beta-carotene, natural vitamin E, grape OPC MOISTURIZER : Wheat germ.
• PIGMENT : L-Tyrosine.

• A complete formula for progressive tanning. Antioxidant & Moisturizer of natural origin for man and woman for a complexion, a skin, a natural healthy glow tinted 1 capsule per day

• Perfect for summer or winter at the snow complex for a preparation for tanning, before during and after against oxidative stress (sun) and free radicals.

• SUNBRONZE PREPA TANNING PLAQUE CAPSULES complex - GELATINE FREE ANIMAL - GMO FREE - GLUTEN FREE - NO ADDITIVE or oil Small bottle 30 pill easy to take during travel, produced in France.

Carotenoid natural nutrients, vitamin E Optimal dosage accelerated by L-Tyrosine, precursor of melanin.
Skin Protection : Powerful Antioxidants + Wheat germ + Grape OPC + Zinc SUNBRONZE solar PREPA TANNING PLANT VEGETABLE MANUFACTURED IN FRANCE SUN BRONZE

Food supplement based on plant, nutrients and substances for nutritional or physiological purpose.

Skin and sun

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Beta-carotene : natural
• Works in synergy with the Vitamin E it protects

- Lycopene : natural
• Antioxidant 1 OO times more effective than vitamin E
• Works synergistically with beta-carotene

- Wheat Germ :
• Very rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to fight against drying and loss of elasticity of the skin.

- The Grape Mark :
• Contribution of OPC antioxidant polyphenols protecting the cutaneous tissue
• Protection of the dermis rich in collagen (fight against the destruction of the support fibers responsible for the appearance of wrinkles)

- L Tyrosine :
• Direct precursor of melanin
• Melanin absorbs more than 70% of UV penetrating the stratum corneum, essential anti-radical filter, it protects the DNA from the deleterious action of free radicals generated by UV.

- Zinc :
• Essential for the protection and repair of support tissues (collagen weft).

  • Presentation :

    Pill box of 30 capsules of 433mg (vegetable capsule).

    Tips for use

    1 capsule per day 15 to 20 days before, during and after period of exposure.

    Nutritional Information

    Composition for 1 capsule :

    - Wheat germ powder : 150 mg
    - Envelope : capsule plant HPMC
    - Tyrosine : 50 mg
    - Zinc gluconate : 45mg (including zinc : 6.3mg or 63% of the RDA)
    - Extract of Dunaliella titrated with 10% beta carotene : 40 mg (of which beta carotene : 4 mg or 83% of RDA)
    - Extract from tomato titrated to 10% lycopene : 25mg (including lycopene : 2.5mg)
    - Natural Vitamin E 50% : 20mg (of which Vitamin E 8 mg or 67% of RDA)
    - Extract of Grape seed 95% titrated OPC : 10 mg (of which 9.5 mg O.P.C.).

    Used for : tanning, skin protection, preparing, activating and effectively prolonging tanning.

Made in France

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