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Bilberry extract is an herbal supplement that can help with eye health.

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Bilberry - 120 capsules

Vision, sight, delays the ageing, the anti diarrheic, anti inflammatory and bactericidal.

Common name : Bilberry, blueberry .
Botanical name : Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry), Vaccinium myrtilloides (blueberry), Vaccinium angustifolium (blueberry), family Ericaceae.

The bilberry is rich in anthocyane, in tannins, in bioflavonoides, in anthocyanidines, in pectins, in vitamins C, in pro vitamin E, in malic acid, in citric acid, in acid quinique, in mineral salts and in myrtillin.

    • Vision : The bilberry are recognized for their capacities has improve the vision , thanks to her therapeutic properties that are due to the bioflavonoide and anthocyanidines that belong to the family of the carotenoides.

      The bilberry participates in the regeneration of a substance named " rhodopsin " or retinal purple that has the effect of increasing the global visual acuteness and to improve more particularly the night vision..
    • Antioxidant delays the aging : Champion of the antioxidants, the bilberry is classified the good first one among about twenty fruits for its antioxidizing capacity.

      The vulnerability of the organism to the free radicals increases with age, it is the flavonoides which are involved in the neutralization of the free radicals of the body so allowing to warn the appearance of the ageing.
    • Anti inflammatory and bactericidal : The bilberry contains many of tannins, as his cousin Cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos et V. macrocarpon), its same tannins are anti-infectious, and an excellent agent for the prevention of the infections of the channel of the urinary device.

      The tannins prevents bacteria responsible for this disease to hang on to the walls of the bladder. The bilberry is also recommended in colibacillosis and cystitis.
    • Anti diarrheic : The tannins and pigments (anthocyanosides) that the bilberry contains, exercise a power anti-diarrheic and and relieve the pains of the intestinal spasms bound to the colitis.
    • Presentation : box of 120 capsules of 290 mg.

    • Composition : myrtle berries titered at 25 % min. anthocyanosides (100 mg).

    • Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules a day before meals with a large glass of water.

    • Advised for : Improvement of the vision, capacity to see better in the darkness, prevention of the cataracts, prevention of the degeneration of the macular, improvement of the motor functions, protection of tissues of the brain, cecrease of the permeability of capillaries, revention of the cancer, prevention of the atherosclerose, the heart attacks and the cerebral vascular accidents.