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China balm 40ml

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Chinese balm, china balm, healer's balm, massage cream

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China balm or balm of the healer.

    • Heritage of Chinese tradition, the Chinese balm, was a secret remedy used by Chinese against the insect bites, the headaches, the muscular and articular pains, the knocks of cold, the respiratory problems, sprains.

    • Simple used, a hazelnut of " China Balm" allows a long massage on the place which makes you suffer either on the points of to acupuncture to relax slacken you and relieve your evils.

    • Ingredients : Petrolatum camphor, paraffinum, méthyl salicylate, eucalyptus globulus, paraffinum
      liquidum, eugenia caryophyllata, mentha piperata, capsicum frutescen.

    • Presentation : 40 ml

    • Use : to relieve the unpleasant sensations of the small daily troubles, massage delicately the surface of your skin.

    • Precaution : Rinse hands after use and avoid any contact with eyes.