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Common nettle 300mg

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Stinging nettle, source of silica, in large quantities

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Common name (s): Great nettle.
Botanical name: Urtica dioica (great nettle), family of Urticaceae.

  • Common nettle brings vitamins ( B2, B5, folic acid), minerals, oligo elements, amino acids and proteins.

  • Its high content in silica and in zinc, allows it to be very useful to fight against broken or delicate nails and devitalised or split hair.

  • The growth of hair is also stimulated. Zinc allows to improve acne problems and irritated skins.

  • Common nettle is also re mineralising and helps to have an articular well being. It is also known for its tonic properties.

  • Presentation : Box of 120 capsules of 300 mg.

  • Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules a day during meals, with a glass of water.

  • Also used for: Gout, rheumatism, uric acid, Leucorrhoea, urticaria, dermatoses, eczema, diabetes, menopause, oedema, sciatic.