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Desmodium adscendens

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The Desmodium adscendens : the friend of the liver

Our Desmodium BIO is derived from organic farming.

The desmodium is primarily a hepatic protective (liver protective).

The Desmodium for and acts on :

  • Protection of the liver,
  • asthmatic,
  • antispasmodics,
  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • analgesic,
  • purifying,
  • diuretic,
  • vetch

Desmodium :

Common names : clover savannah, glue sticks, wholesale clubs. Latin name : Desmodium. From the family : family Papilionaceae (Fabaceae). English name : sálaparni, salpan.

Desmodium liver protectant :

  • It is used in France by the physicians in the treatment of viral hepatitis. In fact, it decreases the level of transaminase, a marker of liver pain. It is the answer key in all situations where the liver is attacked by an exogenous agent (viruses, drugs, chemotherapy ...) or endogenous (autoimmune reaction in particular). The Desmodium is really the most appropriate response for all aggressions that the liver suffers. The Desmodium showed its full efficiency whether in capsule or liquid extract.

Desmodium bronchial asthma :

  • Scientists have conducted several studies on Desmodium. They have thus observed that interferes with the production of numerous chemicals normally released during an asthma attack, these substances are called spasmogens (because they cause contractions in the lungs). Desmodium does not act as an antihistamine but inhibits the action of histamine on smooth muscles and, consequently, reduces the constriction of the airways and lungs.
  • Presentation :
    120 capsules of 255 mg.

    Nutritional information

    Composition for 6 capsules :

    - Desmodium Powder 1080 mg

    Ingredients :
    Desmodium powder, glazing agent: gelatin.

    Using advice : 6 capsules per day. To be taken at mealtime with a glass of water (morning, afternoon and evening with a glass of water).
    Box for 20 days.

    Used to : combat and protect your liver, stimulate all your defenses liver most natural way, against asthma, liver disorders, bronchitis, and muscle spasms.

Made in France