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  • difficult digestion natural remedy
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Digestransit Fennel Rosemary Artichoke Black radish

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Digestion transit DIGESTTRANSIT Complex Detox liver and colon: Fennel Rosemary Artichoke Black radish 120 capsules of 330 mg.

- Artichoke helps support digestion and detoxification. It contributes to intestinal comfort. It maintains a healthy liver.
- Fennel supports digestion and elimination and contributes to intestinal comfort.
- Rosemary supports the normal functioning of the liver, bile ducts and digestion.

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Digestransit complex, Fennel, Rosemary, Artichoke and Black radish.

Digestransit is a new formula elaborated by Conua Laboratoires for your digestion.

Digestransit is a remarkable association of 4 plants (Fennel, Rosemary, Artichoke, Black radish) chosen to help you to fight against ballonnements, difficult digestions, lazy livers and to limit the intestinal fermentations.

The active principles of Digestransit are going to allow to act in synergy and of digest tranquillity.

keep your belly flat !

Common Names : Fennel.
Botanical name : Filipendulina vulgaris, family of Apiaceae or Umbelliferae.

    • Fennel : digestion, heaviness, bloating.

      Traditionally used, the fennel was employed since highest antiquity by the Assyrians and Babylonian, for calm the troubles, the evils of stomach and to relieve the digestive system.

Common Names : Rosemary.
Botanical name : Rosmarinus officinalis, family of Lamiaceae.

    • Rosemary : congestion of the liver, the inflammation of the gall-bladder, the laziness of the stomach.

    • Rosemary acts on intestinal fermentation and is thus traditionally used for apaiser the intestinal pains, bloating.. SIts stimulative action on the biliary function and its effects invigorating on the liver are famous for a very long time.

Common Names : radish, black radish, spanish radish, small radish, turnip radish.
Botanical name : Raphanus sativus var niger, family of Cruciferae.

    • Black radish : Against the aerophagia, the flatulences and atony of the stomach.

    • Black radish is an excellent hepatic draining and it facilitate the digestion. Traditionally used after a food excess.

Common Names : artichoke, globe artichoke, spain cardoon.
Botanical name : Cynara scolymus, family of Asteraceae.

    • Artichoke : against the pain digestive, the problems related to the liver.

      Artichoke is used when it digestion is made difficult. The main constituent of the sheet is Cynarine, which contributes in functioning of the liver. The principal components stimulates and act on production of the bile , and facilitates its elimination towards the intestine .

    • Presentation : box of 120 capsules of 285 mg.

    • Composition : Fennel, Rosemary, Artichoke and Black radish

    • Using advice : 2 capsules in the morning, noon and evening, at the time of the meals, with a glass of water.

    • Used for : bloating, difficult digestions, lazy livers and to limit the intestinal fermentations.
bon produit Digestransit Fenouil Romarin Artichaut Radis noir
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jusqu'à maintenant je prenais radis noir romarin "que je croquais avant le repas avec un verre d'eau" cette fois je vais tester digestransit : question ; peut-on le croquer comme le précedent. merci de me le dire