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Energy Shot Vitality 7 ampoules unicadose

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Energy Shot Vitality

- individual doses to drink

Ampoule Ginseng and Royal Jelly, 7 ampoule unicadose© 10 ml.

Energy Shot Vitality, shot the only 100% natural and it is in the pocket consisting of ginseng, royal jelly and honey in a 10ml ampoule unbreakable.

Energy Shot Vitality when you need energy, invigorating, stimulating, supporting and strengthening the body naturally.

Small compact and mostly unbreakable Energy Shot Vitality creeps everywhere and will be most practical in your bag, your pocket, gym bag on your desk drawer, your glove compartment, briefcase you see in the binder of your children or their pockets.

It gives it a perfect punch.

New packaging unbreakable ampoule : 0,1 g of ginseng, 1 g of royal jelly and honey 4,9 mg

This new packaging (the unicadoses©unbreakable ampoule), in case of 7, is the most practical. The opening is very easy you can have it on you to take it at any time of day for energy intake casual, finally a real packaging tailored to your life every day.

Tonic drink with ginseng and royal jelly Energy Shot Vitality.

Stimulant, tonic, to increase performance is what sports and / or intellectual. Support, strengthen the body from weakened or convalescent persons. Stimulates the immune system to prevent infectious diseases. For erectile dysfunction. Prevention and protection against aging.

    • Ginseng root is a vigorous, this plant is known for its tonic and aphrodisiac qualities.
      The root of ginseng is an adaptogen which cooperates with the agency to overcome the stress, it is also a stimulant of the nervous system develops intellectual and physical stamina.
      Ginseng is an excellent tonic in cases of fatigue and during recovery, it stimulates the natural defenses of the body.

      The variety we use is Panax ginseng CA Meyer.
    • Royal jelly can fight effectively the physical and mental fatigue as well as overwork.
      They provide essential nutrients for people in recovery.
      Indeed, by its vasodilating and hypotensive activity, its activity anticholesterolemic and its anti carcinogenic, royal jelly is an essential for the proper restoration of your body and its maintenance.
Honey contains flavonoids and has prebiotic effects and antibacterial.
In addition honey is a pure delight and is an irresistible treat occasional "healthy" for children and for all.
    • Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants that act on free radicals in the body and to reduce and prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease.
      The prebiotic effect of honey on our body are carbohydrates assimilated by the body and have an important role in the balance of the intestinal microflora.
      The antibacterial effect of honey due to its low pH, a viscosity which limits the dissolution of oxygen and low protein concentration ascribe a significant antibacterial effect.

    • Properties : One ampoule (10 ml) Energy Shot Vitality offers you :
      0,1 g of ginseng, 1 g Royal Jelly and 4,9 mg of honey

    • Presentation : Tube of 7 Shot Energy Vitality (Unicadose© unbreakable ampoule) of 10 ml..

    • Informations nutritionnelles

      Composition for 1 Energy Shot Vitality Unicadose© :

      · Royal Jelly : 1 g
      · Preview pasty root red ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Meyer): 0,1 g (25 mg ginsenosides)
      · Honey : 4,9 mg
      · Purified water
      No dye nor conservative.

    • Using advice :1 ampoule Energy Shot Vitality (unicadose©) daily preferably in the morning, fasting.
      Take either pure or incorporated into a beverage, tea or juice.

    • Used for : Give energy, punch, as invigorating as stimulating, supporting and strengthening the body naturally, an occasional energy intake, increase athletic performance and / or intellectual support strengthening the organization, people weakened, convalescence, stimulate the immune system, prevent infectious diseases, erectile dysfunction, prevention and protection against aging, fatigue, physical, intellectual fatigue, overwork.