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Energy Shots Vitality unit

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Energy Shots Vitality a unit - individual doses to drink

New packaging unbreakable ampoule Energy Shots unit has Vitality (unicadose©) : 100 mg of ginseng, 1,000 mg of royal jelly and 4,900 mg honey.

Energy Shots Vitality is sold to the unit : More practical, not cumbersome goes unnoticed, your children can go to court with a unicadose unbreakable pocket for their needs invigorating in the day, they will absolutely not hurt, since they are in hyper-resistant packaging.

You can even put some in your pocket, bag your energy intake. UnicadoseThe opening is very easy.
No more glass bulbs whose opening can hurt you and it must be handled with care.
Here are the unicadose© Energy Shots Vitality unbreakable and goes everywhere..

Energy Shots Vitality drink tonic with ginseng and royal jelly.

The combination of its three 100% natural elements contribute to energy intake and daily tonic needed to rejuvenate your body.

It is a tonic, it will stimulate the immune system to prevent infectious diseases. It will support you to strengthen your body weak or convalescing. It increases athletic performance and mental, for erectile dysfunction and also used in prevention and protection against aging.


    • The root of ginseng is known for its tonic properties, stimulates the nervous system while developing physical strength. Ginseng also has the distinction of being an adaptogen which helps your body overcome stress.

      Ginseng Panax C.A. Meyer is the variety that we use.

Royal jelly

    • The royal jelly effective fight against overwork, effective against physical fatigue, effective against mental fatigue, and it contains for convalescents principles essential nutrients.


    • Honey provides flavonoids, antioxidants that act on free radicals and reduces the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. Also honey has a prebiotic (non-carbohydrate assimilable by the body) beneficial to the stability of the intestinal microflora.
    • Properties : One ampoule (10 ml) Energy Shot Vitality offers you :
      0,1 g of ginseng, 1 g Royal Jelly and 4,9 mg of honey

    • Presentation : 1 Shot Energy Vitality (Unicadose© unbreakable ampoule) of 10 ml..

    • Informations nutritionnelles

      Composition for 1 Energy Shot Vitality Unicadose© :

      · Royal Jelly : 1 g
      · Preview pasty root red ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Meyer): 0,1 g (25 mg ginsenosides)
      · Honey : 4,9 mg
      · Purified water
      No dye nor conservative.

    • Using advice :1 ampoule d’Energy Shot Vitality (unicadose©) daily preferably in the morning, fasting.
      Take either pure or incorporated into a beverage, tea or juice.

    • Used for : Give energy, punch, as invigorating as stimulating, supporting and strengthening the body naturally, an occasional energy intake, increase athletic performance and / or intellectual support strengthening the organization, people weakened, convalescence, stimulate the immune system, prevent infectious diseases, erectile dysfunction, prevention and protection against aging, fatigue, physical, intellectual fatigue, overwork.